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How will you stay fit in the New Year? Fitness Goal Accountability.

New Years Resolutions=New Years Fitness Goals!

New Years Eve is rapidly approaching. It’s the final holiday bash of the season of holiday cheer. I am exciting to ring in the New Year along with my goals for staying fit, fast and happy in the New Year.  However along with new goals sometimes comes the fear of how those goals will be met–we all want to find success in our goals in no matter how big or small but it is easy to hold yourself back and talk yourself out of success.

The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes

The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes

Before I reveal my top 5 goals for the New Year I want to give you my TOP 5 ways to make your goals a reality. I want to cheer you on as you reach for your goals and I want to help you through your triumphs and your roadblocks. You can do it! Make your goals happen this year!

5 Ideas for Reaching For the Stars in 2014-It’s all about making yourself accountable.

  1. Pick one Big Goal Race and sign up! The best way to make yourself accountable is to create a true deadline for yourself. When I have a race to train for it gives me a real endpoint. Once I have signed up I have a starting date and then I am able to cross the days off on my calendar until the big day!
  2. Find a friend to join your for your big race adventure. I bet you have another mom friend who is just itching to trying a new race or get started with running for the first time but needs a friend to help boost her confidence.. Having a friend as a training partner will help you on those “I don’t feel like it kind of days” and you will feel awesome when you cross the finish line and can fist bump, hug it out or high five in the beer tent post race.
  3. Pick one small goal that will improve your overall health in the long term but is something that is easily manageable on a daily basis such as drinking an extra glass of water per day or going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night.
  4. Choose your favorite way to track your new goals. Some people like keeping a training journal. I enjoy using some of my favorite apps on my iPhone–training peaks, and map My Run and now UP (for my new Jawbone UP Band). I like being able to track my progress this way because I can look back at what I have done and see my progress!
  5. Mix it up! If your goal is all about running and achieving a new PR or finishing a new race, pick another new fitness activity to add into your training plan to keep your body healthy and your mind feeling fresh. Cross training is important for injury prevention and also keeping you motivated towards achieving your fitness goals.

How will you keep yourself on track and make yourself accountable for reaching your fitness goals? Please share one idea in the comments.

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2 responses

2 responses

  1. I mark everyday that I workout and mileage that I run in my Google calendar so I have to look at it everyday and remind myself!

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