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Why Starting with ‘Why’ Means More Success Before Embarking on a Triathlon Training Plan

Starting with ‘Why.’ Goal setting for your Triathlon Training Plan



Today I am very excited to be presenting a guest post for you by an inspirational triathlete and female company owner, Melanie Mitchell from Poppy Sports. I hope you enjoy her post about choosing your why!

Melanie Mitchell Founder of Poppy Sports and Triathlete

Melanie Mitchell Founder of Poppy Sports and Triathlete

Bio–Melanie Mitchell is the founder of and as well as mother, Sherpa, triathlete and juggler of time. She actively supports women entrepreneurs and aims to empower more girls into the sport of triathlon while rocking her own ‘why’ in her chosen race distance of Ironman 70.3.

What’s Your Why?

Have you ever listened to the TED talk Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with Why’? (To Sinek’s talk click HERE  ). He explains how great leaders inspire action. It has become synonymous with great talks on motivation, drive and inspiration.

Sinek showcases what it means to motivate people, not by force or obligation, but by making sure you know your ‘why’ or your reason for doing something. That, he says, is the success factor of major thought leaders like Apple and Martin Luther King Junior

The Concept of ‘Why’

This concept can be applied in many aspects of life and business.   Starting with the ‘what is your why’ question has been one of the fundamental starting points of our half Ironman training plan at Poppy Sports (click here to see a Poppy Sports Half Ironman training plan).

We mentor women athletes through a stretch goal. It might be a new distance, a new race goal and we (and I count myself in here!) have all benefitted from going through the process of gaining clarity and understanding why they have set a specific triathlon goal – the real why.

Newbies and seasoned athletes alike, the answers we see never cease to amaze.

How to Find Your Why

Know your 'WHY'

Know your ‘WHY’

Through carefully crafted questions in a self-assessment workbook, we ask each athlete to take the time to commit.   We ask each person to consider what is their true motivation in life, career and sport and the answers are always revealing.

What might start out as a simple, ‘Well, I want to get fit again’, or, ‘I was tired of just running,’ can turn into, ‘I was overwhelmed by the early years of motherhood and I want to find out who I am again.’ And ‘I want to prove to someone that I can do this when they told me I couldn’t.’

We all know that triathlon training and racing is an endurance event and not a sprint (despite a race distance called just that). Keeping focused on a 16 week triathlon-training plan requires time management, internal motivation and commitment.

If you understand the real reason for your journey to the start line, the chances of reaching race day increase exponentially.

Your ‘Why’ Statement

After these carefully crafted questions, we finally ask each athlete to complete their ‘why’ statement

The reason I want ___________________ an Ironman 70.3 is ______________________so I can _________________and _______________________________

Getting Fancy

Then we start to get really fancy.

From there we create vision boards supporting the statement that are framed and mounted somewhere to be seen every day!

The response in our own lives and those we mentor has been remarkable! A simple process and a reminder on the wall, is an amazing motivator, reminder, and inspiration.

Here’s an example of my vision board – conjured up on a great free resource called Canva. It’s personal to me and every time doubts start, I take the time to sit down and contemplate the board.

My Journey To Success. Melanie from Poppy Sports

My Journey To Success. Melanie from Poppy Sports

So we challenge you dear reader, to start with your own ‘why’. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie into triathlon or a seasoned veteran, anyone can benefit from a little introspection before embarking on a journey, whether sport or otherwise.

We’d love to know them all! Share with us below what is your triathlon/running/cycling/ ‘why’.

Poppy Sports. Endurance Athletes Together.

Poppy Sports. Endurance Athletes Together.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed today’s post from Melanie at Poppy Sports.

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19 responses

19 responses

  1. I love this! SO true! It really does make a difference, and I think it makes it really ring true to you, so you are committed, and see why you are doing each step. Thanks so much for this, makes me feel happier about why I went out in the crappy weather today 🙂
    Tina muir recently posted…Meatless Monday- Vegetable Pad ThaiMy Profile

  2. Love this! Part of my why for triathlon (I’m a newbie!) is definitely because I love working out, especially swimming, and challenging myself, but some of it is also to overcome fears – both of failure and of falling off my bike.
    Megan @ outlawontherun recently posted…5 Things I Love About CookingMy Profile

  3. I love this idea. My “why” seems too intricate for words, but I’ve got it deep down inside my heart for the times I need a reminder 😉

  4. I am training for a sprint triathlon because someone said I wasn’t athletic and that I’m clumsy. These are two things that no has ever mistaken me for and I was flabbergasted. I began questioning my self-image. While this could be interpreted as abusive and detrimental, I choose to see it as motivating. No longer will I rest on the laurels of my former accomplishments. And, as I flipped him off, in my head, I said, “Thank you for helping remember who I am!”

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