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Discover the Benefits of Being a Solo Runner.

Being a solo runner.

Discover the Benefits of Being a Solo Runner

Discover the Benefits of Being a Solo Runner

I was born a people person. I get energy from interacting with people. I thrive off the energy of being with a group or a team. My personality type according to the Myers-Briggs personality test is ESFJ which in a nutshell means, “ESFJs are people persons – they love people. They are warmly interested in others. (SOURCE)” So why is then that I have ended up as a runner and often a long-distance runner where running is mostly a solo sport. Now I often find myself out on long solo runs with no one to interact with except for myself and the world that surrounds me as a log the miles on asphalt and dirt.

Over time I have learned to love being a solo runner and I even crave those long quiet solo runs that bring peace and quiet and a time for deep introspection or a time to let it all go.

What are the benefits of being a solo runner?

  • You can focus on your form without the distraction.
  • You can focus on your breathing by listening to the rhythm of your breath in time with the cadence of your foot-strike.
  • Being a solo runner requires you to learn discipline. You have only yourself to be accountable too. If you are training to be at a certain pace you won’t be tempted to run someone else’s pace.
  • You will learn to work through challenges by yourself which you will need on race day. Your training runs are your practice for race day so you need to be able to work through the physical and mental challenges that will happen when the big day comes.
  • You can pick how far, how fast, and where you want to go. The decision is all yours and not dictated by a group.
  • Sometimes you just need peace and quiet and a solo run is the perfect place to do it. Use your solo run as a time to organize your thoughts.
  • When you are a solo runner you can find the rhythm and the pace of the run and just run driven by the sound of your breathing, your feet hitting the ground, and the beating of your heart.

Don’t get me wrong I still love my group runs but running alone has made me a stronger runner and I have found a deep love for being by myself on the run. Sometimes being a solo runner is everything that your soul needs.

What do you love the most about running alone. What benefits have you found of being a solo runner?

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21 responses

21 responses

  1. Yes, you are so right…but despite all of those reasons, I still prefer to run with my group!! It makes the miles fly by!

  2. Im a solo runner also. I do love racing with friends as long as I am not “racing it” It gives me time to think.

  3. I too am a Solo Runner. Just happened to be that way. I love that I can sing off key and well only the neighbors will hear me 🙂 Quite “me” time is a benefit. Love just hearing my feet shuffle. Now hearing the crunching of the snow!!
    Kris Olsen recently posted…The Magical First SnowfallMy Profile

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