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This is what I hope to do come marathon day now only a few weeks away. Hopefully I won’t need a tow plane to pull me along the course to get me gliding striding.

Tow plane Ready to glide I’ve got wings

Today I worked out alone. In the rain. Slick roads. Humid air. Gray sky.

drip drop Peaceful Power

Time to focus. Warm-up and then find my pace for 5 x1 miles at an 8:05-8:10 pace. I have been consistently running faster than suggested and feeling great. I want to achieve this feeling on race day. To race smart. I have that 3:40, Boston qualifier in my sites. Perhaps on race day I will be the “silent but deadly” runner leaving runners in my wake.

Silent but DEADLY

Training hard, training smart . . . Time will tell what I’m really made of on race day.


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