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skratch LABS cookie Mix Review and Giveaway

Getting ready to mix up my skratch LABS cookies

*disclaimer: I was provided with two packages of skratch LABS cookie mix for my review as a skratch taste agents. All of my opinions are 100% my own.

In case you hadn’t yet heard I am proud to be a skratch LABS taste agent. I became hooked on skratch after my mom discovered it in a newspaper article and passed it along as something that I might like to try to help me stay hydrated.

skratch LABS taste agent

skratch LABS taste agent

Now skratch LABS has expanded their offerings to include daily electrolyte mix, exercise hydration mix, rescue hydration mix, hyper hydration mix and now COOKIE mix!

skratch LABS Cookie Mix | Organic Runner Mom

skratch LABS Cookie Mix (retail price $8.50) | Organic Runner Mom

Say What?!?

Yes, you heard me right, I said cookies. In 2014 the awesome people at skratch LABS had a brainstorm during a 2014 cycling race. They realized that they could make a really great cookie to fuel athletes and a that a good cookie can replace “energy bars.”  The thinking behind this according to Allan Lim on the skratch LABS blog is that,

“compared to prepackaged energy bars, a freshly prepared cookie from scratch has a similar nutritional profile, contains more moisture, has fewer and simpler ingredients, and tastes better.”

Being a taste agent I am lucky to be able to sample and share with you some of my thoughts about this delectable new addition to the skratch LABS kitchen. This cookie mix is definitely something I want to keep on hand in my cupboard for those times when I want fresh cookies but don’t have the time to make them completely from scratch. Here is what you will find in the skratch LABS cookie mix:

Getting ready to mix up my skratch LABS cookies

Getting ready to mix up my skratch LABS cookies

Ingredients: Enriched Wheat Flour ,Brown Sugar, Cane Sugar, Oats, Sea Salt, Baking Powder, Vanilla Extract, Baking Soda, Cinnamon. After that all you need to do is add 1 stick of butter at room temp, 1 egg (I used two organic eggs) and then you can get creative with add-ins.

This mix was quick and easy to mix up and can either be made into cookies or bars. I chose to make bars and added in chocolate chips, organic shredded coconut and organic raspberries (which I pressed into the bars once the mixture was in the pan). My bars took a little bit longer to cook because my oven was being finicky but when the bars were finally ready to take out of the oven they smelled amazing.

skratch LABS cookie bars with coconut, raspberry, and chocolate chips. | Organic Runner Mom

skratch LABS cookie bars with coconut, raspberry, and chocolate chips. | Organic Runner Mom

The final product was filled with flavor, a hearty cookie bar that would be great to throw in my backpack for a long training run or ride. I also love the fact that they encourage you to add in whatever else you feel like adding in.  A little creativity in the kitchen can go a long way to fuel your run or ride or just to eat when you feel like devouring some cookies.

Here is a video from skratch to tell you a little bit more about their new cookie mix. and then I’ve got a little giveaway so that you can try skratch LABS cookie mix too!


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Don’t forget to share some cookies with your friends and to tell me what you would mix in to your skratch Labs cookies!

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35 responses

35 responses

  1. How would everyone recommend individually wrapping bars for a ride? I have struggled with sticking to foil, plastic wrap, etc., plus I hate to have the extra trash produced. Suggestions?

  2. Ao montar seu sprite, evite deixar muito espaço em branco entre as imagens, isso não afeta peso do arquivo, mas sim uso de memória para processar mapa de
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