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Are you a Skirt Sports enthusiast?

Here is my pick for a must-have Fresh Look for race day, trail runs, mountain runs, post-run grocery store trips with your kids . . . you’ll be comfortable and feel great in your skirt.

Convert to Skirt with Skirt Sports

As you have probably guessed if you have been following my blog for awhile I am a total running skirt addict. I want all female runners to Convert to Skirt just like I did about 5 years ago. Since I tried my first running skirt from Skirt Sports courtesy of my amazing triathlete and running friend (and awesome Pilates Instructor) friend Michele I have wanted to run in nothing else.

This is where the Skirt Sports Obsession all began at the Reach the Beach Relay

I think my obsession with the running skirt was actually ingrained in me beginning at an early age. My love for the skirt for sport started during my days as an ice skater where I spent countless hours wearing Lycra/spandex and adorable little skirts and dresses in a rainbow assortment sometimes even adorned with sequins. Look out Skirt Sports!!! I may have to get a “Bedazzler” to add some sequins and some sparkles to my running skirts! (I promise to add some pictures of me in my skating get-ups soon).

What I really love about the Skirt Sports Running Skirts is that not only are the super cute in many bright, vibrant colors, they are highly functional.  This product was developed by world-class level triahlete Nicole DeBoom. I  met Nicole at the Skirt Chaser 5K in Denver last summer (where I finished the course in 23:52, not bad for a NH runner racing in Denver, CO in the 102 degree heat!). She was amazing! Full of energy and life and the event that she organized and put on with her team was well-run  and an absolute blast with an 80’s rocking the post-run after party.

I love the Gym Girl Ultra which features what Skirt Sports refers to as “Shorties” underneath. The shorties are like magic! I have never ever gotten chafing and believe me I have put on a lot of miles in my skirts. I also love the pockets on each leg of the shorties where you can conveniently stash an iphone, many packets of Ignite Naturals Reload Energy Gels or other snacks for your runs.

Run girl! Run!

I also love running in a skirt because it feels empowering to run fast in a skirt especially when passing male runners out on the race course. Perhaps this is also the Agnes Irwin Girl in me (alum of all-girls private school where I attended for 13 years) knowing that I can do anything I want and conquer the world!

Please check out Skirt Sports  and please let me know what you think!

Run Fast! Run Far! Run Strong! Run pretty!

Do you wear a Skirt when your run? Please share your favorite Skirt moment with me!

Skirt Sports on the Mountain



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