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It’s Not Half of Anything! Skirt Sports 13er Race Entry Giveaway.

Skirt Sports 13er. It's not Half of Anything!

What’s a 13er?

The 13er.  You may be wondering what’s a thirteener? A thirteener is a half marathon, 13.1 miles. A half marathon is half of the marathon distance of 26.2, but if you have ever run one you know that a half marathon should not be treated as or thought of as only half of something. No matter what distance you are running, walking, skipping, dancing or maybe even prancercising (haha!), you are getting up and getting out there and getting your body moving and that is what’s important. As a Skirt Sports ambassador I have come to love the name thirteener as opposed to a half marathon. As Nicole DeBoom founder of Skirt Sports says, “It’s not half of anything!”

Running a thirteener is an incredible accomplishment. It takes time, sweat, dedication, persistance, hard work, laughter and maybe even some tears to run 13.1 miles. When you have finished you will feel proud and happy because you jumped in and ran because more than anything you love to run and to move!

On June, 14 in Louisville Colorado, Skirt Sports will be hosting the Skirt Sports Thirteener which also includes 10K and 5K options. If you are like me and your summer schedule is jam packed full and you very sadly cannot make it to Colorado for the actual race then you can jump in for some fun anyways by participating in the Virtual Skirt Sports 13er. If you are ready to register then be sure to use my discount code at checkout:  ORM25AMB  and you can enter on the Skirt Sports website HEREPricing for entry varies based upon which package and distance you choose but the cool thing is that all finishers will receive a Skirt Sports Gift Certificate. If you choose to race the 13er you will get this super comfy 13er Finishers Tee Skirt!

Skirt Sports 13er Finishers Tee Skirt

Skirt Sports 13er Finishers Tee Skirt

Skirt Sports 13er Virtual Race Package Giveaway

Skirt Sports 13er Entry Giveaway - Organic Runner Mom

Skirt Sports 13er Entry Giveaway – Organic Runner Mom

Now for some exciting news! I have one basic entry in the Skirt Sports Virtual 13er to giveaway!. What will you win?

  • $50 gift certificate
  • Race #
  • Finisher’s Skirt (Don’t Sweat It Collection pull over skirt)
  • Sponsor swag

If you are the lucky 13er winner then you can can use this for the local race on June 13th in Colorado or run it virtually on the same day. You can run the 13er, 10k, or 5k! No matter which distance you choose you will be motivated to move! #RealWomenMove

I can’t wait to see who wins the entry and gets to join in the fun! #RealWomenMove

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Have you run a 13er before? What is your favorite thing about racing 13.1 miles?

One last quick thing . . .

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Please Vote For Me! Runner’s World Cover Search #224

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45 responses

45 responses

  1. Would love to participate in person, but since I can’t winning a virtual race entry would be icing on the cake!!!

  2. What I love most about running is how much better I feel: stress reduction, better sleep, better strength, more energy. I’m training for my first 13er now to mark a major milestone in my life and will be in Colorado for the Skirt Sports 13er this year, so for the moment, my favorite thing about participating in this particular race is the anticipation of being around enthusiastic people, having fun, and being in a cooler more beautiful place!

  3. Running is my best form of stress reduction. This will be my first 13er, so for now, looking forward and making plans to be in Colorado are my favorite part!

  4. I love 13.1! I’ve run 25 1/2 marathons and it is still my favorite distance. I love it because it’s something I need to work to accomplish and focus on as opposed to a shorter race. I love the feeling of crossing the finish line knowing what I just succeeded in doing.

  5. Yay for 13ers! Just ran my 6th last Saturday at the Big Lake Half! Its my favorite distance because its just long enough to be a challenge, but doesn’t knock me out for the day.

    Super excited about the virtual race, as I also can’t get to CO from NH! Thanks for sharing!
    Cassie Cyr recently posted…Pediatric Neurology & More Specialties!My Profile

  6. My favorite distance is the half marathon. Would love to do a virtual run. Never done one before!

  7. When I run by myself, I love the time to destress and reflect what is going on in my life. When I run in a group, I love being with other women and talking about the different joys and stresses we have going on.

  8. Running gives me a great sense of accomplishment and reminds me anything is possible. I’ve run more than 50 13ers!

  9. I’ve run dozens of HMs, and each one presented its own challenges and rewards. No one should belittle a half marathon!

  10. This is exciting! I have run more than 20 times the distance 13.1. It’s my favorite race distance! Looking forward to run it one more time with you virtually.

  11. I love what running does for my cardiovascular health. My longest race so far is a 10k.

  12. What I ;love most about running is that feeling of freedom! As busy mom of 2X little ones my runs are my only time I get to myself 🙂 I have run 5 half marathons to date… that if you don’t count the 13.1 I ran at the end of my half ironman 😉

  13. I love the connection with nature and the peaceful feeling after a run. I have run a 10K as my longest race, but am looking forward to trying a 13.1.

  14. I love the me time when I am running. It is nice to just be out on my own doing something for myself.

  15. I really enjoy the 13.1 distance. It is fairly easy to build mileage to train for and it seems to fit well with my weekends for long runs.

  16. Never run a 13er, but I love the way running makes you feel like you’re doing something good for not only your body but also your mind.

  17. Hmmm, what I love about running… that’s a toughy because I don’t actually love running, but I push myself to continue to train by running (and swim, bike) because it IS such a difficult sport for me. It is the one sport that makes me push through the “i don’t wanna’s” every single time. But, I also LOVE the feeling of finishing whatever sort of run i complete- i know I made it over some sort of hurdle. Hope that made sense 🙂

    1. oh yeah, and yes, I have run 5 13’er’s. The first one I trained for and puked and hated it. The next 4 I ran with friends because they needed a buddy to keep them going… I LOVED those 4 because I was just out there supporting someone else, I was just along to help out.. that’s the best!

  18. I haven’t ran in a virtual race before, but the concept is very interesting! I would like to give one a try!

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