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Shhhhhhhh . . .

This morning on my long run I felt quiet. It was my first run on Darling Hill and The Kingdom Trails in a long time. The sun was just coming up over the Mountains and the sky warmed over Burke Mountain Willoughby Gap. As we passed the Inn at Mountain View Farm the song of my favorite bird, the Red-winged blackbird, filled the peaceful morning.

English: Red-winged Blackbird, Point Pelee Nat...

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My marathon training is in full swing. Today I felt tired so it was good to just go out and run and take in the nature, sounds of our footsteps, and the slow warming into spring.

Burke Mountain at sunrise

Willoughby Gap in the distance

Morning Moon on Darling Hill

Sunrise over Burklyn Hall

Quiet Kingdom Krazies

Burklyn Hall-built in 1904 by Elmer Darling


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