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Setting intentions for 2017 and beyond!

Setting Intentions for 2017 and beyond! Running and Triathlon

Setting Intentions for 2017 and beyond!

3 days into the New Year and I am coming out of the post holidays fog that always seems to kick in this time of year. It seems that time passes as a whirlwind as fall days turn into winter days which turn into a bustle of merriment, celebration and sharing of holidays and family time. When it is over there is often a sense of let down but also a sense of relief for the quiet that follows as we being to prepare for a New Year that is unfolding. For me this time of year can feel heavy, the daylight hours are short and the cold and darkness bring about seasonal affective disorder that no matter what I try to do is inescapable. Our days have been dizzying, fun yet chaotic. My equilibrium seems off and I feel out of balance. Perhaps this is where intention setting needs to come in and why so many of us are drawn to make New Years Resolutions and choose one word to act as a guide for the upcoming year.

One word seems limiting as expectations for what is to come in an upcoming year can change with the blink of an eye. Life can bring positivity and days that bring you the feelings of an almost euphoric high. Then however there can be those curveball days or events which can create confusion or sadness or difficulty changing the course of what a year might bring.

In looking at myself I know that these kinds of changes can wreak havoc with my trajectory forward on a daily basis. I am an empath so I feel every event to my core sometimes unable to let go, feelings forever chasing me. I am a perfectionist so while feeling like I should be someone who goes with the flow often becomes stuck and frustrated and unable to bend with the passing winds of time. With my perfectionism I sometimes render myself incapable of truly reaching for what I want because I convince myself otherwise.

Setting Intentions Deepak Chopra Quote Organic Runner Mom

Setting Intentions Deepak Chopra Quote

So rather than to set one word to guide me this year I am choosing to set intentions for myself working towards the ability to let my intentions change and shift with time and with life.

My intentions for 2017 and beyond . . .

  • To be more malleable meaning to allow myself to become less rigid and to not worry so much about the outcomes. This is an important step for me in overcoming certain anxieties.
  • To be more self-confident. What I have within me is what I need to bring about my success. Others around me are successful but I am too and I need to recognize that.
  • To follow my instincts without second guessing myself. I am often the one roadblock in my own path moving forward.
  • To laugh more . . .
  • Be kinder to myself. I am my own worst self-critic and generally have a hard time celebrating both minor and major accomplishments (this goes directly hand in hand with my perfectionism!)

Have you set your intentions for 2017? What are your intentions? Please share in the comments below and thank you for stopping by to join in the conversation!

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21 responses

21 responses

  1. I love the focus on “intentions,” and you have chosen some important ones. You are successful and have many accomplishments worth celebrating!
    Coco recently posted…~Namaste~My Profile

  2. I too, had a hard time, finding just one word to focus my goals around this year. I love to think of each new year as a “new chapter in life and running”! Two words that I think are important to focus on are: celebrate and endure. Endure and persist through the difficult, uncomfortable moments that will arise and remember to celebrate the small steps!
    Kara A. Forrest recently posted…5 Healthy Tips for the New YearMy Profile

  3. I’m so glad to see Wendy commented because she is all about intention setting this year as well…and I couldn’t agree more with this!
    And, can I just tell you that I need the Deepak quote painted on a wall in my house? OMG yes to everything he said there…now to live it.
    Happy New Year my friend! Hope to see you in 2017!
    Allie recently posted…Treadmill Workouts for RunnersMy Profile

  4. I agree…we are our own worst critic (sorry for the cliche’). I’m focusing on fun this year…I’m not a competitive person (especially in my running shoes), but somehow I focused far too much on finish times and elusive PR’s and missed out on a lot of joy as a result. UGH.Onward!
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…2017 – Focusing on FUNMy Profile

  5. Sometimes it is good to just put things down so we can move forward. I find it great to write what I intend to achieve, helps me focus. Hopefully this year will be a great year.

  6. Good for you! These intentions for 2017 sound great. I am sure that if you manage to achieve or at least improve one of them, it will lead to the improvement of the others as well. Anxiety is often associated with lack of self-confidence and the need for the assurance of others. And once you feel more confident in yourself – you will be able to laugh more, will stop second guessing your decisions, and be kinder to yourself! Good luck to you!

  7. Very nice post! I hope you are sticking to your intentions for 2017. It is so true that success is directly proportional to self confidence, and vice versa too. Be more confident and success will follow you! Good luck with your good intentions in 2017!

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