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Safety Gear for runners and triathletes.

Safety Gear For Runners and Triathletes

As always safety when swimming, biking and running is of utmost importance. You can never be too careful!

Safety Gear for athletes

This summer it seems as if there have been a lot of tragic  accidents involving runners and cars and cyclists and cars. Perhaps the media is covering this more or perhaps its the fact that people are more distracted on the road when driving then they ever have been before. I don’t want to worry when I go out for a run or bike and I definitely don’t want my family to worry about me either. However, safety precautions should always be taken when heading outdoors for a run or bike because you just never know what might happen.

When I was in therapy for PTSD after the Boston Marathon in 2013 my therapist talked with me a lot about how the chances of something bad happening are very low. However, after having been through such a traumatic event I now had “shattered illusions” and had a hard time believing that the world around me was a safe place. Now that several years have passed I have reclaimed the feelings of safety and do not worry as much. As an athlete however, it is important to take safety precautions when you hit the road, the water or the trails.

Safety Gear to bring to stay safe on the swim, bike, or run.

Here are some of the things to consider bringing with you on your next adventure:

When you go for an open water swim:

  • A swimming partner (swimming with someone is much safer then swimming alone)
  • Safe swim personal safety buoy (this pull behind buoy that clips around your waist makes you more visible to boats.
  • A brightly colored swim cap.
  • A wetsuit if the water is cold.

On your bike:

  • A Road ID
  • Your license
  • A cell Phone
  • Tools for bike repair so that you don’t get stranded.
  • Bike lights for better visibility
  • Wear bright colors to be more visible.
  • A helmet to protect your head
  • A GPS or phone with a map program so you don’t get lost.
  • Cash

On the Run:

  • A Road ID. It’s always important to carry identification with you.
  • Pepper Spray
  • Your license (if you don’t have a road ID)
  • A car key (can be used in self defense if necessary)
  • Awareness. It is important to be alert and aware of your surroundings when you run. If you run with music run with one headphone in so you can hear oncoming traffic or other people on the trail.
  • A cell phone
  • Wear bright colors.
  • Bring a headlamp if you will be running after dark.
  • Wear a safety vest if you are running after dark (I like the Amphipod Xinglet with blinking lights)
  • Cash

What is the most important safety gear that you bring to stay safe on a swim, bike or run?

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Safety is important whether you are running, swimming, or biking. Read to find out the essentials to bring along when you #swimbikerun


5 responses

5 responses

  1. Great tips!! My husband has the app Friend Locator and he is able to track where I am on my runs. It makes both of us feel good. He knows if I am on a 4 mile run and not back after an hour to check the tracker and make sure I am still on the route.
    Love the new pic of you up top – you are awesome my friend! xx

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