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Running Solo vs Running in a Group

Lately I’ve been having to spend a lot of my time running alone rather than running in a group. I miss the carefree days before I had kids when I used to run with a group 2-3 times a week but lately scheduling has necessitated mostly running alone. This is also true because I am still somewhat new to the area and haven’t yet found many friends to run with. There are positives to both running solo and running in a group. Which do you prefer?

Running Solo

  • Run your pace. When you run alone it is easy to focus on running your own pace instead of getting caught up in running faster or slower than you had planned. This is especially important if you are training for a race and trying to run a prescribed workout.
  • Focus on your form. When you run by yourself you can really think about your running form without the distraction of others around.
  • Focus on your breathing. Another great thing to focus on when you are running solo is your breathing.
  • Complete your workout as prescribed. This can be harder to do in a group when everyone runs different paces.
  • Enjoy time alone.
  • Schedule your run when it is convenient for you. Group running times are not always convenient. When you run by yourself you can run whenever the time is suitable for you.
  • Think Time. When you run by yourself this can be a great time to focus on your own thoughts

Running in a Group

  • Challenge each other. In our area there are group track night runs as well as meet-ups to mountain run, as well as regular Saturday runs. Doing these workouts with a group rather than by yourself can be highly motivating and will make you a stronger runner.
  • Don’t worry about your pace. This is true when you are out for group fun runs when the focus is not on the pace but rather on running and enjoying.
  • Explore new places. It is safer to explore new running routes when you are with a group.
  • Motivate each other to go farther, faster, and to achieve new goals.
  • Pick up your pace. Running with others is a good way to challenge your pace and when doing workouts together you can push each other to achieve new paces.
  • Build your community and be social. Group runs are a great way to meet new members of the running community and to make new friends.
  • Accountability. If you run in a group you are accountable for showing up and for participating with the plan for the run for the day.

Which do you prefer? Running Alone or Running in a Group?

organic runner mom
organic runner mom


12 responses

12 responses

  1. I can really go either way. Sometimes, I really need to have some alone time, but lately, I’ve been running almost exclusively with at least one person, and I appreciate the camaraderie there as well. I’m glad to be flexible.
    Jenn recently posted…riots #13: winter is hereMy Profile

  2. I used to be a 100% solo runner. Now I run with a group — or at least one other person – once in a while, but scheduling and pacing still make it difficult. I think you nailed the pluses of each one!
    Coco recently posted…Retreating To FloridaMy Profile

  3. I run mostly alone, not because it is my fave, but just due to timing! A few years ago, I did a lot of running with a group and that is when I was running my fastest. I am hoping to get back into that at some point, but my kid’s schedules are CRAZY these days, so I sneak in windows of time when I can!

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