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It’s time to slow down!

Who wants to slow down? Not me!

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Slow down . . .

I am working on adding in more self-discipline to my training.  The more I run the more I want to run and the faster I want to go. Fast is not always best especially when training for a larger goal.  I guess  I am that way in life sometimes too. I heap too much on my plate and am not able to slow down and enjoy and  finish things with a quality end result.

My new mantra . . . SLOW DOWN!

Sometimes I get overexcited on my training runs and push the pace too hard  and try to race up to the top of the hills. When the training plan reads: “Pace no faster than 9:30,” I often interpret that to mean,”Run a 9:30 pace but no slower.” This is NOT SMART training! My own worst enemy is me! . . . I sometimes become too competitive with myself when I run and don’t take my easy runs as easy as I should. I am trying to learn this lesson.

Do you ever need to remind yourself to slow down?

Always pushing too hard and too fast was one of the reasons my body finally gave in to injury after the Boston Marathon last spring. Running fast all of the time in training will end up resulting in poorer performance on race day.

Having to take two months off from running gave  me the time that I needed to refocus. I plan to stick to my training plan from my coach Denise from the Sustainable Athlete. I need to follow her pacing guidelines and to listen to my body so as not to sideline myself again. Base training runs are designed for a purpose to allow your body to recover from the hard efforts from tempo runs, and long runs. I need to remember to give my muscles time to recover.

Check in with yourself this week on your training runs? How do you approach your different workout types? Do you have good self-discipline? 



5 responses

5 responses

    1. That is the worst when you pay for it in the end of a long run. Long runs can feel like they may never end!

  1. This is a constant problem for me as a 10k racer prepping for a marathon. My solution now is to wear a heart rate monitor and be aware of my lactate threshold and keep my HR a few beats below that.

    1. I used to do heart rate training all the time when I was a rower. Perhaps I should get back to this to help me monitor my training better. Thanks for the tip and good luck with your marathon training. Please stop by again and let me know how the marathon goes!

  2. I have a little trick I use that helps me slow down and run at a consistent pace. I tell myself I am going to be running all day and all night, as if I was setting out to run the Western States 100 again. This is a sobering thought and has the desired effect – unless of course I don’t sound convincing 🙂

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