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Playlist for Running. March Edition.

Running Playlist. March Edition.

Music To motivate your next run

Music playlist to motivate your next run

Looking for new songs for your running playlist? I have some great songs for your to add and would love for you to share yours with me too. I am always looking for great new music!

Spring is supposedly right around the corner. We turn the clocks forward this weekend ushering in more daylight and feelings of being uplifted. Running and racing season is jumping into high gear (I’m racing a half marathon, yes!) and we all could use some tunes to amp up our training. What do you like to listen to when you run? I love to listen to music that I could sing along with, songs that get stuck in my head (in a good way). I am currently loving country/Pop singer Maren Morris who has many great songs out right now including GIRL which I always have to turn the volume up for! I alos love the new collaboration from Zedd and Katy Perry. It’s been awhile since there has been a new Katy Perry song out and this one is sure to get you moving.

Here are some of my current favorites in heavy rotation right now. I just had to include the Backstreet Boys song as an homage to music that was popular when I was growing up especially since they are popular again:

Don’t go Breaking my Heart-The Backstreet Boys 

365-Zedd and Katy Perry

Girl-Maren Morris

Walk Me Home-P!nk

Without Me-Halsey

For more from my March running playlist check this out:

In addition to sharing my musical choices that inspire me here is one of my current favorite quotes. Hopefully it will inspire you too!

Favorite Quote of the week: 

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.” -Maureen Dowd

What songs are currently in heavy rotation on your running playlist?

Organic Runner Mom

Organic Runner Mom


11 responses

11 responses

  1. Confession…I don’t really have any specific playlists. I’m one who is constantly trying to mix things up with my workouts, running, routes, distances, etc., but my music stays pretty constant. I will add new songs from time to time, and sometimes delete a few…but the bulk of my music is what I’ve had from me early days of distance running.

  2. LOVE that Maren Morris song and I’ll listen to anything P!nk sings 🙂 I usually listen to the same version of a playlist for like a year. I get too attached to songs – LOL!! Right now my kids are loving the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 and 2 songs. So funny.

  3. A lot of these are new to me. I haven’t had a running playlist in a while, mostly because I have been running with people and haven’t needed it. The last playlist had a lot of 80s power ballads, some hard rap and a few more pop songs that I just happen to find catchy.

  4. Since I became a body pump instructor, I don’t listen to much music outside what I need for teaching. Adding another program makes it even worse! Haha
    It is a huge random collection, and a lot of the songs have grown on me.

  5. I LOVE Spotify! I have been listening to their “Young & Free” curated playlist. It is so good!

    As far as individual tracks:
    Chocolate by Big Boi
    Gone by Charli XCX
    Changing by Future Jr
    Take It From Me by Jordan Davis

    I can’t get enough of those tunes!


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