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Running is better with a friend(s).

Running is better with a friend(s)
Running is better with a friend(s)

When it comes to training for races, in the past the majority of my training has been done solo. I trained for many marathons mostly on my own, learning to push and challenge myself on my own. I did not have a group that I ran with consistently and with kids at home sometimes it was just easier to squeeze it in when time became available rather than meeting up with others, getting a sitter etc.

#Running is better with a friend(s)! #runchat Reasons why you should run with friends.

Running alone does have its benefits but I believe you can become a better runner/a better athlete when you train with others. Training with others you don’t have the easy option of bailing on a workout because your friends depend on you. This helps with accountability. When you train with others you can help push each other during the hard workouts or if one of you is having a tough day. It’s all about challenging each other to be the best that you can be. It is much easier to quit or to not give something your best effort when you are going it alone.

Benefits to Running with a Friend(s)

  • Accountability-You are much more likely to stay on track with your workouts if you have a friend(s) as an accountability partner.
  • Safety in Numbers-You will be much safer if you run with someone than running alone. If you get hurt on a run your friend can help you out.
  • Challenge-Running with people of different ability levels will push you in different ways.
  • Learning-You can learn new tips and tricks from a friend from tips about running form to tips for what kind of shoes to wear.
  • The Social Aspect-Running long miles will go much faster when you are running with a friend and this is a great time to connect. When you have friends that run you can go to races together which can make the whole experience much more fun!
  • New Running Routes-When you run with a friend you are more apt to try out new running routes and running venues (road, trails, track)

When I first moved to the Hanover, New Hampshire area I didn’t know anyone so the first thing that I did was to find the local running group. I admit I haven’t been great about going to meet up with them but this is one of my 2020 goals. This fall I also connected with some local runners who are now friends after saying yes to joining a Reach the Beach Relay Team. This has given me some new people to call on to run with and two of the women will be joining me in running the Portland Marathon next fall which means I have some training partners. I also have a new boyfriend who is a Triathlete. He has race goals too and we have discovered how much fun it is to workout together. I am looking forward to some training runs with him in the near future! I will still do some of my training on my own but I am excited to have more friends to run with now.

Do you enjoy running with a friend(s)? What is your favorite thing about running with a friend(s)?


11 responses

11 responses

  1. Yes!!! I love running with my friend, Barb. Both of us do a lot of running solo, but our weekly meet-up (at 05:00) is something we both look forward to. Something else I appreciate from running with a friend, is how I’ve learned to control my breathing…from all the talking we do!
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…My 2o2o FocusMy Profile

  2. I used to be a solo runner, too. Then I added like one friend. And now I just run with whoever is available. And to be honest? It’s so much more fun to run on a whim. I get to meet someone new, the miles FLY by, and I find myself enjoying running much more.

    Definitely something to be said about solo runs, though. I reserve those for speedwork and tempo days.
    Rachel recently posted…Comment on Strong, Confident, Amazing Women by RachelMy Profile

  3. For the most part, I’m a solo runner, though my husband will join me sometimes, especially if we’re training for the same race. I’ve often thought about joining a run group, but honestly, I chicken out for fear of being the “slow one” in the group.

  4. I am fine either way, but I do enjoy running with friends. I don’t know if I’m going to feel up to being with people on my return from injury because I will be so unsure of myself, but I do miss the camraderie of my morning runs.

    I think my favorite part of running with friends is just having that quiet, undistracted time. It’s so hard to get that.

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