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Running Injury Recovery tool: dr. cool Wraps Review and a Giveaway!

dr. cool wraps review. a great tool for handling a running injury.

dr. cool wraps review

dr. cool wraps review. Great for helping with a running injury

Check it out! I have something truly COOL to share with you today that can be a runners best friend when dealing with a running injury. Have you heard of dr. cool? makes cooling apparel, compression/cold wraps and more. I was first introduced to dr. cool and their dr. cool wraps when I attended the Rise. Run. Retreat. in the fall. I received a wrap as something new to check out and was intrigued by this great new recovery/compression gear. If you are a runner or athlete like me then injury is sadly no stranger. When injuries happen the question is always, how will I take care of my running injury to allow my body to recover.

mediuim dr. cool ice wraps

mediuim dr. cool ice wraps

This is where dr. cool wraps come into action. dr. cool wraps are made from an innovative fabric called Coolcore®. Take a peek at this video to see how Coolcore® works to stay cool to help you with injury and swelling by staying cool.

dr. cool wraps come in sizes small medium and large so as to be useful for wrapping different body parts ranging from the wrist, to your calf, to your back. Dr. Cool Recovery-On-The-Go Ice Wrap will provide you with ice therapy as well as compression. The fabric is flexible and can be worn during exercise as dry compression wraps or for applying cold during play or on the run. Not only are these wraps great for helping with injury but can be used for arthritis, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and runner’s knee. I love that these wraps come in a variety of colors as well as being available for kids (perfect for boo-boos) and grown-ups alike. Also, dr. cool is a New Hampshire company!

Cooling and compression=great for injury recovery

Cooling and compression=great for injury recovery

I recently used my dr. cool wrap after the Eastern States 20 Miler which I raced as a part of my Boston Marathon preparation. I had been dealing with a calf adhesion leading into the race which bother me at mile 18 1/2 through the finish line. After the race my calf was in a tight not and very painful even to the touch. Thankfully I had remembered to wet my wrap and to put it into the freezer prior to the race so once I had showered i was able to apply my wrap which help alleviate the pain and also provided compression that was essential for extra sore legs. I was very happy that dr. cool Ambassador Sarah had introduced us to this great recovery/injury relief tool at the blogging retreat!

Hopefully I won’t have any injuries anytime soon but I will definitely keep this in my “tool-kit” in case of the need for compression or icing! In addition to icing/compression wraps they also offer instant cooling apparel and accessories.

dr. cool Wraps Giveaway

Now you can enter for your own chance to win 2 dr. cool ice and compression wraps. These will be great to have on hand should injury strike this racing season!

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What is the worst running injury or sports related injury that you have ever had?

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10 responses

10 responses

  1. Does recovery from surgery count? I had to be NON-weight bearing for 6 weeks, followed by NO running for 6 months!! That was the WORST!!

  2. ha – I rarely injure myself doing something athletic. I’m actually graceful then, but otherwise just clumsy. I always wish I had a good story for my injuries….

  3. I’ve torn tendons in my ankle and am now fighting my shin muscles. Always seems to be something! Good luck at Boston. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  4. I had a horrible shin splint that went untreated and was thought to be a stress fx but turned out to be okay after resting for over a month…BTW, worst month of my life! I’ve also had multiple bouts of plantar fasciitis that left me hobbled for weeks on end…probably one of the worst injuries a runner could have. The cortisone injections into my heel were mind blowing!

  5. I don’t have any , although I have recently had sprain . ( not from running).. And so I’m trying not to run until I am 100 percent better.

  6. I don’t think I hurt myself running, But my foot is sprained right now (hurt my foot wearing flip flops)..Because of this I have not ran for about a month. 🙁

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