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Running Injury. A Boot. Peroneal Tendonitis.

It’s official. I’m on the injured list.

Don't be a tough guy . . . take care of your running injuries.

Don’t be a tough guy . . . take care of your running injuries. Thankfully I do not have a ruptured achilles.

But not for too long.

Earlier this week I had an MRI on my foot to figure out if the pain in the outer edge of my left foot originating from under my ankle bone was a stress fracture or peroneal tendonitis. I started having pain in this area of my foot on and off following my 3:34 finish at the Boston Marathon. I felt during the marathon but in the days after the marathon I began having an unusual pain in my foot. The pain would subside during a run but would worsen in the hours after the run and especially in the morning just after waking up.  I knew something was wrong and probably ran more than I should have after the marathon. As an athlete it is often hard to deal with this news and can be tempting to just “run through it.” I decided that that would be a horrible plan and was thankful to immediately get an appointment.

I have not been injured in a very long time. My last “real” injury was in college and well let’s just say that was awhile ago. In college my life was on the water. I spent countless hours rowing with my awesome Colby Rowing Team. In the off-season we spent our days doing dry-land training which included a lot of running and I ended up with a stress fracture in my right leg. Wow, was that a painful injury! In order to rehab I was not allowed to run and spent a ton of time in the trainer’s room bathing my legs in the bone chilling water in the ice bath. Thankfully I could still row and so was at peace with spending extra time on the rowing machine (Concept II Ergometer aka evil torture machine) until we could get back on the water in our rowing shell.

After getting my MRI this week I was nervous about getting my results because the recovery from my last running related stress fracture was long and with the trees budding all around and the trails prime for fantastic running adventures I did not want to have a stress fracture again.  Thankfully the news was slightly more positive. Dr. Kauffman informed me that I have PERONEAL TENDONITIS which showed up as inflammation on the MRI.

TWO WEEKS in a boot. 4 to 6 weeks of no running. Ugh . . .

The latest craze in running footwear.

The latest craze in running footwear.

Well, I guess my body is in need of a break from running . . . but I will be back at it soon and stronger than ever when I hit the trails again. For now it’s time to get my rowing shell down to the river . . . Pictures to come SOON!

Since I am injured that does not mean you should take a break from running too. I’s love to hear all about your new running adventures and to see pictures too! 




21 responses

21 responses

  1. I have just injured myself in the most ridiculous way. Carrying too much up the stairs, my laptop slipped out of my arms and landed on my big toe. I can’t tell you the pain. Awful!
    I was just ramping up my running again, too. Hopefully it’ll be healed up in a few days and I can get back to it. Injuries stink (especially when they are silly ones like mine).

  2. I have been struggling through a knee injury leading up to marathon training. It is so hard to “rest”. I’ve pushed things a bit more than I should have, but tried to be patient. I did my first road run last night and the pain was back after 25 min….UGH.

    Hoping you heal quickly.

  3. Man you certainly can rock a boot! Look how cute you are! Hugs, and I hope your ankle heals fast!

  4. Sorry to hear about your injury Sandra – hopefully playing on the water will make the time fly by 😉

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  6. I have the peroneal tendonitis for a second time this year. I got it from ramping up a workout. What can I do for exercise while I am in this stupid boot

    1. Ugh! How was your recovery! Sorry to not rely sooner. For me it was time for a lot of swimming and elliptical and yoga too but I definitely lost some fitness 🙁

  7. I am currently doing some Physical Therapy for a tendonitis issue that I’ve been having since July. I was given an initial X-Ray and the Dr. said they didn’t see a stress fracture but I’m curious why your Dr. did and MRI right away and not an X-Ray. I was told if my pain didn’t go away then they might consider an MRI. Did you have any type of swelling or a limp with walking? Just curious of your other symptoms if any. I feel like I re-injure my ankle every time I move it weird or anything which makes me wonder if it needs to be immobilized like yours. Thanks in advance.

  8. Hello! I hope you don’t mind but I stole one of your images for my blog…on an injury! It spoke to me! (Full credit given, obviously!)


  9. Hi I just happened upon your blog while researching perineal tendonitis and decided to ask you how long it took to recover fully and if it ever flared up again. I haven’t been officially diagnosed, but my symptoms fit the diagnosis to a tee. Hope all is well!!

    1. It’s been awhile since I had it but I had a full 6 weeks in the boot and then physical therapy. It’s not fun and super painful so hopefully you get some rest and are able to rehab quickly! I have only ever had mild flare ups again and changed my running shoes to Hoka One One Clifton and New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 after that which helped prevent a reccurence.

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