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There are so many awesome benefits of running in the snow!

Crunch! Crunch! The Sounds of running in the snow.

After high school in the suburbs of Philadelphia I headed to College at Colby College in Waterville, Maine where I was quickly initiated to New England winters and the joys (read my sarcasm) of winter training.  I was a rower in College which meant that in order to stay strong and fit for our spring racing season we would spend a ton of time running on the cold, snowy, and icy roads around the college campus. When I would go running in college it was not for the love of the run but a means to train my body for the rigors of becoming a fast rower.  Running was a means to an end.

After I left college I moved to New Hampshire (and Vermont for a little while) and discovered the joy of running to just to be a runner. I also developed a new my love for running in the winter (yes, you hear me correctly!). Running in the snow can be an adventure and even though people might think you are crazy when you head off for a run in the snow, I promise you, you will love it!

Did you know that running in the snow has added benefits?

Running in the snow=one happy chick

Running in the snow=one happy chick

  1. The snow provides a softer surface for running which acts as great shock absorption and less impact on your joints as your foot strikes the ground
  2. Running in the snow will help you with your ankle strength, balance and stability because the surface can be uneven. Running in the snow is similar to running in sand.
  3. According to the National Post,”It’s been estimated that running on snow requires about 20% more effort than running on a clear path and, as with running on sand, it increases the difficulty of your workout routine.”
  4. When you are running in the snow you will be outside which means you will reap the benefits of the sun shining down providing your body with a healthy dose of Vitamin D which can help to lift your mood!
  5. You will get to enjoy the gorgeous winter scene as you race down the streets or trails.
  6. Running in the deep snow will slow down your pace but will double your workout due to the fact that you need to lift your knees higher.

    Running in the Snow

    Running in the Snow

So what are you waiting for! Go and get out there and enjoy the snow!


2 responses

2 responses

  1. I love running in the snow! I live by one of the great lakes and have often gone running in the sand dunes along the shores. My Yaktrax are tucked away this winter…at five months pregnant, my running game needs to stay indoors. I don’t wanna fall!

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