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Running in the Cold. Winter Layering Tips.

Running in the Cold. Winter Layering Tips.
Running in the Cold. Winter Layering Tips.

Winter has descended upon us in New Hampshire. As I sit here I am watching big fluffy snowflakes fall outside the window. With the falling temps and the falling snow out come the layers for running. There is a method to layering that you will discover the more time you spend outside running in the winter.

How do you decide what to wear when going out in the cold?

  1. As a general rule dress for weather that is 15-20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. You will start out a little cold but should quickly warm up.
  2. Wear layers that are easy to remove and carry. The Disrupt Jacket from Kari Traa has a nice brushed interior fleece to keep you warm.
  3. Wear breathable materials-synthetics or wool make good choices. Wearing cotton will end up leaving you wet, cold and miserable.
  4. A hat and gloves are key. For hats I love the SKIDA Nordic Hats which are unlined and breathable (on colder days their lined hats make a great choice. For gloves I like the Saucony UltiMitt which is a combo glove and mitten
  5. Wool Socks will keep your feet dry and warm. I love what Darn Tough has to offer. When it gets really cold I opt for wearing their ski socks over my spandex as an added layer.
  6. Windproof layers can help when the windchill comes into play. A Windbreaker or Windproof shell will be a great addition to your running wardrobe. New Balance has a great windbreaker, the Windcheater Jacket that will help when the wind gets blowing.
  7. Protect your face. The wind and elements can be damaging to your skin so wearing a BUFF that you can pull up over your face and ears is a must have. There are some options that even incorporate fleece to help keep you warm.
  8. Warm Leggings will keep your muscles warm and happy for running all of the miles. The Skirt Sports Triple Pocket Tight and the Wonder Wool Skirt (Use code SSA946San for 15% off at Check out) are perfect tights for winter running and has three pockets to store things like your phone and car keys.

Running in the cold. Winter Layering Tips. #runchat #running

The more you run in the cold the better you will get at learning how to dress properly for the weather. There are plenty of options for layering when the weather gets cold and its better to be overdressed than underdressed. You can always shed layers if you get too warm.

What are some of your favorite winter layering pieces for running? What is the coldest temperature that you have ever run in?


9 responses

9 responses

  1. I totally agree with all of this except for the dressing warmer part. Whenever I do that, I regret it. So now I just dress so I don’t freeze. Ha!

  2. I have these Under Armour Coldgear leggings that are EVERYTHING. I own two identical pairs, and I don’t know what I’m going to do when they finally wear out. They keep my legs warm, they have the perfect amount of compression, and they have really held up over the years!

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