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Survival Tips for Boston Marathon Training

You are running the Boston Marathon, now what?

Survival Tips for Training for training for the Boston Marathon Running

Survival Tips for Training for training for the Boston Marathon

You made it! You grabbed your Boston Marathon qualifying time or you’ve been selected to run for a charity. It’s getting real! According to google in 116 days you will be in Hopkinton, Massachusetts ready to cross the starting line.

Now what? First of all don’t freak out! Second of all it’s time to get work but more importantly its time to take care of yourself.

Here are some Survival Tips for Boston Marathon Training!

  • If you haven’t done so yet be sure to set your travel plans for Boston Marathon weekend. Getting this task out of the way will help you to relax as race day draws near.
  • Pick your training plan or sign up to work with a Marathon training coach! There are so many great options for coaches out there! I have been coached for many years by Denise Goode of The Sustainable Athlete which has helped me to stay focused on my training and motivated to reach my goals.
  • Pick out some new running shoes for all the miles that you will be logging during your training.
  • Find a training partner or running group for the long runs on Sunday and also for the speed work days if you can. Having a partner or group to run with will help the miles pass by and during speed work they will challenge you to help you to increase your speed.
  • Choose several tune up races for a couple of your long run days which will be helpful for practicing fueling and race day pacing strategies. You will also be sure to get in a solid workout!
  • Continue with strength training if it is currently a part of your training and taper down as you get closer to race day.
  • Get ready to do some downhill training! The Boston Marathon is a downhill race at the start so you will want to do some preparation for that during your training cycle.
  • Practice visualization and familiarize yourself with the course. This course is challenging and the crowds along the way can be exciting but also distracting when you are focusing on your goal. Practicing a weekly 5 minute Boston Marathon race visualization will help you through the tough parts on race day.
  • Develop a fueling strategy for the marathon and training.. This may mean tweaking a strategy that you used during your qualifying marathon or starting fresh and new. Sports nutritionists are a great resource and some coaches will training you and help you to develop your nutritional plan.
  • Build in time to rest and recover which includes getting a good nights sleep, nourishing meals, foam rolling, massage, and take an extra rest day here or there as needed. Recovery is one of the most important steps during marathon training that is often forgotten. This survival tip will help you get to the starting line in one piece and ready to run!
  • Talk with other runners who have run Boston before! They may have some great advice about the course and race strategy.
  • Go for your goal but make sure you enjoy the training along the way! Some of your training runs should be more about time on your feet and having fun!
  • Celebrate! You are heading to the Boston Marathon!

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What are your best Boston Marathon training tips? Will this be your first Boston Marathon? Are you training for a different marathon? Which one?

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