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Running at Winter Wild

Tomorrow I will be heading on down to Ragged Mountain in Danbury, NH for the second Winter Wild Race. I guess I will truly figure out what it means to be “run ragged” (call me a nerd but I just love idioms and puns and this seemed like an appropriate time.) This time the race will be 3 miles (as if the last race wasn’t torturous enough at only 1.2 miles).

The race starts at 7 am which means I will be getting up before dawn for a sleep deprived car ride to the race with my awesome training buddy Bridget and friend Carole. It will probably be around 4 am when I have to get up. 4:00 a.m. is a time which since my days of rowing have passed (at least for now) is a time reserved for sleeping or getting up with sick kiddies. Any time before 5:00 in my book is TOO EARLY even if the clock reads 4:59. We will definitely get amped up on the way down to the race however in anticipation of the crazy runner fun that awaits.

After the last race I spent the next couple of days struggling up and down stairs and found new muscles that I never knew were there. My ankles were particularly sore from the uphill climb as well as my calves, quads and bum. It is amazing how no matter how great of shape you are in changing the game slightly by racing up a mountain even for only 1.2 miles can make you feel like you have never worked out in your life. After the race my lungs felt like they were on fire and I was wiped out. And then I promptly came down with bronchitis which knocked me for a loop. Just like that this illness killed my training until yesterday (plus my kiddos were also sick one with a double ear infection and the other with an icky stomach bug).

I am psyched though and ready to have an awesome adventure running in beautiful NH with other crazy runners and skiers. After all could this really be any worse than getting a tooth filled at the dentist? Hopefully I won’t have an anxiety attack on the run like I did in the dentist’s chair this week.

Happy running! It’s time to kick some a$$! And now off to bed.


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