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Runner’s Round-Up: The Best and Worst Running Shoes

Runner’s Round Up-The Best and Worst Running Shoes

I am joining a roundup of posts by half marathon and marathon runners on to answer some of your biggest and best running questions.

This month this awesome collection of running bloggers will be tackling these two questions:

1. What are the best and the worst running shoes you’ve ever run in?
2. What are your most important criteria when it comes to choosing your 
running shoes?

These are tricky questions to tackle as there are so many choices for running shoes out there and just because there is a shoe that I don’t like doesn’t mean that that is not the perfect shoe for you. Also, just because I don’t like a particular model of a shoe doesn’t mean that I dislike the brand of shoes.

The Worst Running Shoes I’ve Ever Run In.

I too like most people have tried out many different types and brands of running shoes before finding the ones that work the best for me. I too jumped on the minimalist shoe bandwagon when they were especially popular. During that time I tried what was a version of the Merrell Trail Glove. These shoes did NOT work for me at all. I have a foot that overpronates so the lack of any type of footbridge or support in the arch was especially uncomfortable with practically every foot-strike. With every step I took I could feel my foot rolling inwards, a recipe for disaster (and shin splints) for me.

The other thing that I hated about these shoes was that I could feel every rock, every root, really any discrepancy in the trail surface underfoot. When I trail run I do not want to be feeling almost like I am barefoot. I prefer to have my foot cushioned and supported especially when I am trail running. This feeling is even worse when running on hard pavement. I cannot stand the way my feet slapped the pavement with each step that I took.

Runner’s Round Up: The Best and Worst #Running Shoes @steadyfootEric #runchat

The Best Running Shoes I’ve ever Run In.

This is another tricky question and hard to narrow it down to just one pair of running shoes so I have chosen two to highlight.

The first pair that I love are the Hoka One One Clifton’s (Version 6). I fell in love with this shoe from the first long run that I took in them. The Clifton’s are a more maximalist shoe. This is a high cushion shoe that naturally provides the support that I need for my overpronation. This is my dream stability shoe and doesn’t overcorrect my pronation issue. These shoes have Meta Rocker technology. This shoe is light for being such a maximal shoe. I have worn Hoka One One Clifton’s for many many miles during half marathon and marathon training without having issues such as shin splints or trouble with my peroneal tendonitis flaring up. I love the high cushioning on long runs because it provides a solid foundation for the repeated footstrikes during long runs.

The second pair of shoes that I love and that I consider to be the best running shoes that I have run in are the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080‘s. I was first introduced to this shoe during a Boston Marathon training cycle and I immediately loved them. Similar to the Hoka One One Clifton this is a high cushioned shoe. You feel like you are running on clouds. this is a neutral cushioned shoe that provides my foot with the support that it needs on long runs.

What Criteria is Important When Choosing Running Shoes?

When I am choosing running shoes I have several things that I look for:

  • Width-I have a narrow foot so need to make sure that the shoe hugs my foot
  • Fit in midsole-I have a high midsole so need shoes to fit well across my midsole.
  • Heel width-I also have a narrow heel so need the shoe to cup my heel well.
  • Width of toe box- The Toe box needs to have enough room so that toes aren’t being squeezed with each footstrike.
  • Cushion-I prefer a high cushioned shoe
  • Heel Drop-I do not like not like a shoe with zero or negative heel drop
  • Color-Come on now, you’ve got to have a little fun!

Choosing the Right Running Shoe For You

As I said before when it comes to choosing running shoes it is a very personal thing. Every runner has a different foot that requires a different fit. One of the most important things to do when getting running shoes is to try them on preferably at a store where the sales people are knowledgeable about running shoes. Knowledgeable sales people can help you to find the right shoe to fit your foot and your specific needs. A good store may do a run-gait analysis on a treadmill to help determine which running shoe is the best one for you. Sometimes running shoe companies will make revisions to a running shoe from one model to the next which is why trying the shoes on before you run in them is important because you may not like the changes.

What is your favorite running shoe? Your least favorite running shoe? How do you go about choosing running shoes?

organic runner mom
organic runner mom

16 responses

16 responses

  1. I transitioned to Altra running shoes about 5 years ago and they are the only shoes I will run in. I can’t say I’ve ever run in a bad pair of running shoes, I would instead say I’ve run in shoes that weren’t for me.

  2. When I first started running I purchased sneakers based on how they looked – style and color. I knew nothing about stability, neutral, etc. Then I educated myself and realized that I need sneakers with more stability.
    Kim G recently posted…Join Me For May Runfessions!My Profile

  3. I haven’t been a runner since high school (I’ll occasionally go on shorter runs now when it’s nice out) but I’m hoping to get back into it, at least once or twice a week.

    I still have these Asics that I got for like $40 on Amazon, and they are seriously so comfortable. Happy Friday!

  4. Like you, I have narrow feet and overpronate like crazy. I have had the best luck with Brooks Adrenalines, but also LOVED Mizuno Wave Inspires for a few years prior. I have never tried New Balance shoes…maybe I ought to give them a try sometime (?)
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…So…Let’s Runfess AlreadyMy Profile

  5. My faves are Saucony ride and adidas energy boost, both cushioned as I’m not super fast runner. The worst? Probably mizuno, they’re not cushioned in the front and I tend to land on my forefoot.

  6. Right now I am living the new Brooks Ravenna. I have a new model of Adrenalines to take out tomorrow so we will see if the feeling stands.

  7. I have never tried there Merell’s. I am a loyal Asics and Mizuno girl. I have suffered from PF in the past and learned to stick with either of these brands in a neutral shoe.

  8. I also suffer from shin splints and peroneal tendinitis so selecting shoes has become a HUGE thing for me. I have found Saucony to always be the most comfortable on my foot (I have an arch that collapses). Right now I am trying to Iso Ride 2 for longer/slower miles and the Iso Freedom 2 for longer ones. Ill let you know how it goes. Also any information on how you have kept your lower leg issues at bay is always appreciated!

  9. I had the same worst experience with Merrell Trail Glove running shoes. I usually wore these for my sprint running session. What I hated the most about it was its cushioning system was quite unresponsive which led to a severe calf pain. In addition, its mid soles are not smooth enough when you run on concrete pavements. And sometimes it causes inflammation in soft areas of the foot.
    Syed Usman recently posted…11 Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia (Latest 2020)My Profile

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