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TIME-#runnerdphotoaday Challenge for @ihaverun


September 1, 2012-TIME #runnerdphotoaday Challenge

In case you missed my previous post I will be taking a photo a day as a part of the @ihaverun #runnerdphotoaday challenge for the month of September

This photo was taken on a 5 mile at dusk my favorite TIME of day to run. It is amazing how energized I feel on a run at this time of day. My mind is able to process everything that happened during the day and it is when I generally do my best thinking. Also, if the day has been a challenge it is the perfect way to de-stress and just zone out.

Running at dusk where I live can be a magical time with sunsets painting the mountains almost purple behind my house in New Hampshire. The sunsets turn the sky over the river valley and the mountains of Vermont into fiery shades of orange fading into pinks and reds.

If I am able to get out the door for a run a this time of day as soon as I get the go ahead to run my shoes are on and in a flash I am out the door.

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What TIME of day do you like to run the most?


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