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Run Like a Girl. #RunLikeAGirl

Yes! Run like a girl, sing like a girl, do math like a girl, be a leader like a girl, do anything you want to do . . . like a girl!

I run like a girl. Try to keep up!

I run like a girl. Try to keep up!

If you haven’t already seen it by now you need to check out the new video created by Always in their new campaign, “#LikeAGirl” This ad campaign is all about empowering girls and challenging girls to redefine what it means to do things #likeagirl. When children are young they begin life with a readiness to try new things and they lack many of the worries and challenges with self-confidence that can creep in as we grow older.  As girls grow older they are often forced into stereotypes with people saying things like, “you run like a girl.”  What this should mean to our young daughters is that you are strong, and you can do whatever you dream that you want to do.  Our daughters should be encouraged to dream big and stop short at nothing less than trying their very best.  We should remind our daughters that they are talented, smart, clever, strong and kind. This campaign truly resonated with me as I was brought up in a household with one sister. We both attended a school for girls where we were constantly challenged to reach within to find and use our own inner-strength and intelligence. We were told by our mother and father that we could be great at no matter what we wanted. I want my daughter to feel strong as she grows up and figures out her life goals and hope that she does not struggle with issues with self-confidence that is a struggle for so many girls and women.  I want her to be the person who she wants to be and to feel proud of what she accomplishes. I want her to be proud when she says, “I run like a girl!” The end of this video really struck me. When the young girl in the video is asked ,”What does it mean when I say run like a girl to you?” The girl replies, “It means run as fast as you can.”


What does “you run like a girl” mean to you?

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5 responses

5 responses

  1. For me it means to run proud and strong. I can kick my hubby’s butt in races. So running like a girl must be pretty good huh 😉

  2. I wish there wasn’t a boy or a girl stereotype. I run like an athlete, I am me, I am a human being. Sometimes I wonder what all the girl power stuff does to the self-esteem of little boys? I personally would love to see there become a time when it doesn’t matter which gender someone is, a time when we respect all people on the basis that they are also a human being.
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