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Run Coach Certification

I want to be a run coach!

Run Coach certification has always been on my mind since I first hit the running trails. Now is the time to make it a reality.

Something Beautiful is on the Horizon

Something Beautiful is on the Horizon. Time to get Run Coach certifed!

With the holidays whizzing by (Wasn’t it just Halloween????) I am already looking ahead to 2018. I need some new big goals to chase in my life. One thing that I have come to realize lately is that I have been missing coaching. It’s been a long time since I was a coach but the two years that I spent coaching rowing, first at Bates College and then at Middlebury College, were two of the brightest years for me. I want to figure out a way to give back more to others through sport again.

So now I am getting a plan in place. Life is too short to continuing sitting on my dreams. I am planning to become a certified running coach in 2018. The two programs that I am currently considering are the Road Runners Club of America Certification Program (there is actually one happening in Portland Maine this summer!) or to complete Jason Karp’s REVO2LUTION RUNNING Coach 4 week at home study. Once I have one of these certifications in place I will be able to guide you here through more specific running workouts and training plans.

Running on Heaven's Bench Trail at the Kingdom Trails (1)

Running on Heaven’s Bench Trail at the Kingdom Trails

So many women that I meet tell me that they don’t think they could ever be a runner like me or chase down big dreams like qualifying for the Boston Marathon. This frustrates me because the reality is YOU CAN DO IT! The hardest parts are getting started and choosing to believe in yourself! I too need to take my own words of advice here because there are many things that I stop myself from doing because I just lack the confidence. Somehow that has faded away and I need to get it back. So let’s do this together. I’m chasing down my goals and I’m inviting you to come on the ride!

I’ll be keeping you posted as to what I choose to do. For now I’m just going to keep on running hard and working on improving my own self confidence so that I can give you more here to help you to achieve your dreams!

What is your biggest goal for your own health and fitness?

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13 responses

13 responses

  1. Awesome!!! You will be an amazing coach because the best ones actually DO the work and have ALL the experience!! I cannot wait to see you realize this dream because it will make so many others come true!!!

  2. I hope you will enjoy coaching running as much as you enjoyed coaching college sports! My biggest health and fitness goal? I guess to be able to stay healthy and active for as long as possible.

  3. I have my RRCA cert and I started the REVO2 one, just haven’t finished yet. They are very similar, but I really liked being in-person at the RRCA course. It was a great way to meet other coaches and bounce ideas around. Good luck with whichever one you choose!!

  4. That’s awesome! Best of luck to you in accomplishing this goal!

    I’ve been having a lot of fun with my running this year, and I plan to continue on with that. It’s working out great!

  5. Good for you! You are a running inspiration and you’ll make a great coach. I’m RRCA but both programs are excellent. I’ve thought about getting Jason’s too.

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