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Wellness Update–Rolling with it. More blood work.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and more blood work 

Wellness Update–Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and More Blood Work

Wellness Update–Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and More Blood Work

In case you missed it in my last wellness update I recently found out that I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an auto-immune disease where your body’s immune system attacks your thyroid (Read more about my Hashimoto’s diagnosis here). While I was at the endocrinologist we also discussed how I have weird random blood sugar crashes and have been suffering frequent migraines. Since she wanted to check all of my thyroid levels again she added in other blood work to check out what is going on with my glucose levels and also a test to check my Vitamin B12 levels as people with Hashimoto’s Disease can also sometimes have something called Atrophic Gastritis which is an autoimmune disease affecting your stomach. Auto-immune disorders as I have learned through reading can sometimes cluster, meaning that if you have one you may sometimes have additional trouble with auto-immune disease.

My blood work came back last week with some surprising results. And not necessarily the good kind of surprise but better to be in the know about your health and to get on top of any issues early on in the game. The surprising results were the A1c Test, which tests glucose levels and the Vitamin B12 test. My A1c test came back a little bit elevated, in the “pre-diabetic” range. This test is not conclusive but would require further testing which I am completing today. I am currently in the middle of a Fasting Glucose Test and Oral GlucoseTolerance Test. If you have been pregnant before your are familiar with this test as it is the one where they make you drink the sickeningly sweet fruit punch (high glucose drink). I am having my blood drawn three times over a two hour period to see how my body produces insulin in response to the glucose. My doctor is also looking for diabetes antibodies and is running a test to see how well my own pancreas produces insulin. She told me she is checking this out to look for auto-immune diabetes.

My Vitamin B12 Level also came back low which can be an indicator of malabsorption of this vitamin in the stomach. My doctor requested a test that will check for antibodies that would be preventing the absorption of this vitamin indicating atrophic gastritis. In the past I would have been feeling very anxious when receiving weird test results like this. However I am surprisingly calm. In this situation there is nothing more that you can do but to move forward and to see where the path leads you. I haven’t been feeling quite like myself for awhile and am trying to unlock the mysteries of what is going on. My Hashimoto’s diagnosis is a piece of that puzzle. Maybe there will be more that needs to be addressed with my health and maybe not. The good thing is that if there is something going one we are catching it early and can begin to be proactive in treating whatever may be wrong.

My blogging over the past few weeks has been limited because I have been working through this and also out busy enjoying the gorgeous New Hampshire summer that has arrived with my family and friends. I will post another wellness update soon once I know more and my ZOOMA Half Marathon Recap is in the works along with many fun product reviews and giveaways!

Be well my friends! What roadblocks are currently standing in the way of your goals? Do you currently have something that is affecting your overall wellness? What fun activities do you have planned for the summer?

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3 responses

3 responses

  1. I’m so sorry you’re going through all of this, Sandra!! But you sound like you are in a very good place with it. Keep us posted with what you find out! I just listened to a fantastic webinar on the thyroid this morning and am happy to share the link if you’re looking for natural ways to balance it out. it’s something I’m seeing more and more often with my own clients these days.
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…A day in life + Prana dress winnerMy Profile

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks for checking in. It is all a bit of a whirlwind but sure everything will be alright. Just a lot of new info. I would definitely love to view the webinar as well as any other tips that your clients have found helpful 🙂 Hope all is well!

  2. Hi, I have been diagnosis with hypothyroidism. MD stated that being an endurance women athlete, studies have shown a low thyroid function as a side effect of the sport for females.
    I try very hard to eat natural, with vitamin and mineral supplements. It’s difficult but get through the lows. I also use regularly turmeric, ginger, organic coconut oil.
    Good luck to you, try not to stress it works against us….

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