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Fresh Friday Recipe: Goji Berries Strawberry Banana Super Smoothie

Goji Berries–Truly a Superfruit

Have you ever heard of Goji Berries? I was first introduced to Goji Berries through my studies with the Integrative Institute of Nutrition (IIN–Holistic Health Coaching Program). Goji Berries are now being touted as a #SUPERFRUIT. Goji berries are native to China, Tibet, and Mongolia and grow on evergreen shrubs (possible allergy risk associated with Goji Berries). Goji Berries are highly antioxidant, contain many vitamins and minerals, are a high protein source, and according to WebMD have many possible health benefits:

Goji Berries– A Real Superfruit

Goji Berries– A Real Superfruit

  • being rich in Vitamin A=possible anti-aging benefits
  • increase brain health
  • improved athletic performance
  • happiness
  • calmness
  • improved sleep quality

Goji Berries have a different name which perhaps makes them more appealing to your inner animal . . . “Wolfberries!” They have a somewhat earthy, nutty flavor. You can eat Goji Berries as a snack, in your pre-run oatmeal or in a delicious smoothie.

Fresh Friday Recipe: Goji Berry Strawberry Banana Super Smoothie

Fresh Friday Recipe: Goji Berry Strawberry Banana Super Smoothie


  • 1 Handful Soaked Navitas Natural Goji Berries
  • 2 Cups Stonyfield Organic Lowfat Milk
  • 1/4 Cup Stonyfield Organic French Vanilla Yogurt
  • 1 Whole Fair Trade Banana
  • 1/2 Cup Fresh Driscoll's Organic Strawberries
  • 1 Tablespoon Champlain Valley Apiaries Raw Honey
  • 1/2 cup Crushed Ice


  1. Mix Ingredients in blender and blend to desired texture. Don' forget to soak the Goji Berries before adding them to your smoothie. This smoothie turns out creamy and smooth. Truly a "Superfruit" Smoothie to give you superpowers in your next athletic pursuit!




2 responses

2 responses

  1. I love goji berries! in fact I’ve got some right here, but never thought to add them to a smoothie. I recently watched a YouTube video about how the juice can heal the body by making the blood alkaline and allowing all of the systems to work properly. The research was done by a Johns Hopkins Doctor… it’s fascinating to see the effect it has on the blood!

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