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Organic Runner Mom’s Read Aloud Pick of the Week: Chicken Cheeks

Did you know I used to be a first grade teacher?

Before I had my kids I spent my time in a classroom filled with giggling, smiling first graders. One of my favorite things to do with my students and now my kids is to Read Aloud. I have to admit I am actually obsessed with Children’s Picture Books (it’s an obsession like running). Going into a bookstore is almost as much trouble for me as it is to go into one of my favorite running stores (Athleta, Lululemon) . . . well, you get the picture.

Opening a picture book and revealing the colorful illustrations and vibrant stories immediately draws me into my imagination–a wonderful dreamland that all children should visit everyday. I have an enormous collection of children’s books which my children listen to with excitement and joy and which we have read almost in its entirety.  My kids love filling our library bag with books ranging in topics from Princesses to dinosaurs of course and always include at least one of my childhood favorites. We read books together every night before bed. A time filled with snuggles and laughs and a lot of questions (especially from my two year-old) about the characters and the story.

I figure reading is like exercise for the mind. The more you read, the greater your knowledge, vocabulary, and imagination you expand. By reading to my kids I am helping them to grow and be strong with their minds.

Since this blog is all about sharing my passions with you I have decided to include a weekly Read Aloud Pick. Even though this blog is mostly about running I know that many of my readers have children. I hope that you will share your favorite book picks with me!

Organic Runner Mom’s Read Aloud Pick of the Week:

Chicken Cheeks By Michael Ian Black

Children's Book Read Aloud Pick of the Week

Read Aloud Pick of the Week

My children wanted me to read Chicken Cheeks over and over again.  We picked this book at the library initially because of the hilarious illustration of a Chicken on the cover from illustrator Kevin Hawkes. Since we own and organic egg farm (Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs) my children absolutely adore chickens. They really are hilarious creatures and this picture genuinely captures the true spirit of a chicken.  In the story a bear calls on his animal friends to help him to reach a beehive filled with honey at the top of a tall tree. The result is a humor filled story which will have your kids in stitches as each “derriere” of each animal is revealed in the ever growing animal tower. I would highly recommend this book to read at story time if you are looking for some giggles and laughs with your kids!



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