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“Race” Recap-First Annual White Mountain Fall Classic Trail Race

I feel like such a delinquent blogger with my posts lately. Once the weather turned cold my kids (ages 4 and 2) have been sick non-stop. It has been almost 5 weeks now of illness with only a few days of reprieve here and there. Plus they never seem to be sick at the same time. They are tag-teaming. Once one is healthy the other one immediately has a fever or cough that appears. I try to get them outside as much as possible to get some fresh air but since they both attend pre-school it is nearly impossible to avoid the germs. All of this illness has meant a lot of nights of interrupted sleep and many trips to see the doctor. My energy level has been cut in half and I have humongous dark circles and of course that has meant I have had to take some time-outs from blogging.  My biggest challenge right now is to get my kids healthy and happy!!!

At the Doctor Again

At the Doctor Again

How do you keep your little kids healthy when the seasons change?

When I am not tending to my kids or working I have made it a point to squeeze in my workouts because this time of year has me feeling blue anyways. The only cure for me with the seasonal blues is to exercise and get outside to absorb some Vitamin D and the most necessary ingredient for curing the winter blues is to enjoy a fun run with your best running friends.

And Go!

And Go!

On Saturday my awesome friend and running buddy Joanna decided to arrange a fun trail “race” right where she lives. She mapped out a 4 mile-ish course on the trails so we wouldn’t get lost and tested out the run prior to our meet-up with her husband. When I arrived at Joanna’s on Saturday morning I was greeted by a sea of day-glo orange. Being that it is hunting season right now you can never be too careful when heading into the woods. The energy of the group was high and the group of women that I run with were super motivated as usual. Joanna took us on a quick short loop preview of the course to ensure that we knew which way to go. Running in the woods on trail at this time of year can be extra challenging with slippery brown leaves everywhere camouflaging roots and rocks.  Extra fancy footwork is needed to keep your balance.

We started our “race” and took off at varying paces.  A perfect day to be in the woods and a “race” with no pressure to get in a little bit of speed was what we all needed. When we arrived at the ened of the course we were all smiling, sweating, and had a great rosy glow, the kind you get from a hard workout in the cold. This “race” was such a great idea to help keep us motivated and help to keep my spirits up during the “blah” months of November. To add to the fun I brought some “prizes” too (I was going to bring a chicken for my friend Joanna but didn’t catch one in time!).  At the finish I gave out Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs to our “race director” Joanna and  for everyone else some Ignite Naturals Reload Energy Gel and coupons for organic eggs. I would highly recommend planning an “event” like this with your running friends.

Trail "Racing" Fun

Trail “Racing” Fun

Strong Women

Strong Women

Do you have a favorite trail race or trail run?

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3 responses

3 responses

  1. I’m not usually a fan of gels, but I couldn’t resist trying that Ignite Reload Energy Gel. It’s actually GOOD! I totally loved the natural flavor, and could definitely see myself bring those on future adventures. I’ll have keep my eyes open for other flavors. Thanks for sharing!!!

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