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A vast selection of delicious dry dog food will make your dog wag!

Full doggy bellies equal happy dogs and happy homes!

Puppies and a vast selection of Delicious Dry Dog Food

Puppies and Delicious Dog Food

*Disclaimer: This post is a partnership with Nakturnal. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Our morning routine always included familiar sounds including the sound of a scoop of dry dog food being emptied into the dog bowl by one of the kids. This sound would be followed be the click clack of toenails on the wood floors as Lucy our Cairn Terrier would head to the bowl ready for her day. It’s those familiar sounds that make a home feel alive and warm.

Right now the house is much quieter in the mornings. As you may know we lost our sweet Lucy this past fall. It was somewhat unexpected and as morning routines begin each day I often find myself going to let her out or to fill her bowl with dog food but she’s not there.

We are ready for a puppy and hopefully with the spring of the New Year we will find our new sweet, snuggly puppy (or maybe a rescue as we’ve rescued before). We are ready and the kids are ready to take on the responsibility of taking care of a dog again which will include feeding it, walking it, training, it, bathing it and giving the dog tons of love. As it is important in our family to carefully choose the food that we eat we know that our dogs diet is important too. Many dog foods can have fillers and ingredients that aren’t really meant for dogs. A dogs diet is just as important to their health as the food that we eat is important to ours. When we shop for dog food we try to shop somewhere that has vast selection of delicious dry dog food so that we can get exactly what our pet needs. Our dog Lucy had skin allergies so needed a very specialized diet so I spent a lot of time reading labels to make sure that we got what she needed.

I am sure when we get our new dog we will need a little bit of guidance about what dog food to choose since there is such a vast selection of delicious dry dog food to choose from even including ingredients such as fruits and veggies. Our family leads such an active life that we want to make sure that our canine companion can join us on family hikes and adventures and maybe even join me for some running! We will talk with our local vet about what they recommend and also read a little bit more about what diet is appropriate for the breed of dog and age of dog who ends up joining our family. We are ready to fill the void left by losing Lucy although our hearts will always remember!

For now i’ll pat and snuggle every dog who comes in my path but soon our family hopes to welcome and care for and love another one of our very own (wo)man’s best friend!

Do you have a dog? There are so many dog food choices.What kind of delicious dry dog food do you feed your furry four legged friend? 

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3 responses

3 responses

  1. Thanks for the great write up, we tend to mix up the dog food with left over dinners (so it doesn’t go to waste and of course make sure it’s reasonable for a dog’s diet).

  2. Hi,
    I am very sorry for your loss of Lucy. This was a very good post, a good write up indeed. Yes as pet owners, it is important to give the appropriate diet and nutrition for our dogs. And we also need to be very selective about the food we give them. Good read.

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