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Podcasts for Runners

6 Podcasts for Runners
6 Podcasts for Runners

I know I am late the game in terms of the whole podcast scene but recently I’ve started listening to more podcasts. Listening to a podcast is a great way to take your mind off the run. Podcasts can be educational, inspirational, and entertaining. I’ve found some great podcasts about running that I love and then I have found some other podcasts that are currently inspiring me.

Here are some of my favorite Podcasts right now:

  • The RISE Podcast with Rachel Hollis. Rachel Hollis is the author of Girl, Wash your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing, shares podcasts with business and personal development thought leaders who provide advice that is applicable to business and life. Rachel Hollis is down to earth yet also inspirational and motivational.
  • The Happiness Lab. This podcast is put on by Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos who studies the science of happiness. This podcast is based on her psychology course, “Psychology and The Good Life” taught at Yale. She shares research and stories about happiness.
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen Rubin is the author of Best-Selling Books including The Happiness Project. She is also the creator of the App, “Better.” She explores ways that we can make our lives better. In this podcast Rubin co-hosts with her younger sister, Elizabeth Craft.
  • I’ll have another with Lindsey Hein. Lindsey Hein interviews runners such as Courtney Dauwalter, Des Linden and Sally McRae to bring you inspiration and motivation!
  • Run this World with Nicole DeBoom. Nicole DeBoom is a former professional triathlete and the founder of Skirt Sports a sports apparel brand for women of all bodies and abilities. She interviews people who are aiming to change the world through what they do and who want to inspire positive change in others. The length of each podcast is the average length it would take to run a 5K so perfect for listens on your runs.
  • Running For Real with Tina Muir. Elite Marathoner and Mom Tina Muir interviews guests such as psychologists, elite runners, strength training coaches, and running form experts to bring you some of the best running and training tips.

Check out these 6 podcasts for #runners to listen to while running. #podcasts #runchat

What are some of your current favorite podcasts? What else do you listen to when you run?

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5 responses

5 responses

  1. Great list! I’ve heard of The Happiness Lab but haven’t listened to it yet–I have lots of commuting coming up next week, so definitely gonna be breaking out the podcasts!

  2. These are great suggestions – thank you! I’m not huge into podcasts, but now that I’ve been doing more afternoon walks, it would be nice to have something to listen to. I will check these out.

  3. I’ve heard of several of these, but I prefer the true crime type podcasts. I very rarely listen to anything when I’m out running or walking.

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