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Packing for a Marathon. 5 Marathon Race Day Essentials.

What will you pack for your marathon? 5 essentials.

5 Essentials to Pack For a Marathon

5 Essentials to Pack For a Marathon

It’s almost time for your marathon and you need to get your bags packed and ready to go for race day. Of course you will need your favorite running clothes and your running shoes but what other essential items should go in your bag? Experience racing marathons has helped me to refine what I bring in my bag for the big race in order to be 100% prepared. Figuring out what you will need during those 26.2 miles will be something that you will figure out as you train. You should “practice” your runs using the gear and essentials that you will want on race day.

  1. Body Glide, Vaseline, Aquaphor, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste . . . really any of these will do. Running long distances can mean one thing, CHAFING! Even if you have worn your marathon day gear on long training runs chafing can always rear its ugly head and when it does it can mean miles of excruciating torture and may necessitate grabbing a glob of vaseline of the cardboard from a volunteer at an aid station just to get some relief. Be sure to apply one of these lubricants to any and all areas of skin that can become problematic during the run and you will be much happier!
  2. Compression socks or sleeves.ย I like to wear mine while I run a marathon but they can also be an essential tool if you spend tool long on your feet at the marathon expo (this is a no-no!). Your legs will also be screaming for them the day after the race as you hobble around and attempt to climb flights of stairs. Compression socks can aid in post marathon recovery.
  3. Sunscreen. I have learned me lesson to remember sunscreen after too many sunburns. The key is to find a sunscreen that is waterproof and sweatproof (if you are like me you will be sweating a ton!). Also, look for sunscreen that will not make your eyes sting in case sweat causes it to get in your eyes. Another strategy for preventing this is to wear a visor or hat and to skip applying sunscreen to your forehead.
  4. Fuelbelt, Flipbelt, Fitletic Hydration belt or some method for carrying fuel.ย This essential gear is completely personal. During long training runs I carry a Nathan Hydration pack which is not allowed at some marathons so I like to carry my gels and other fuel in my Skirt Sports pockets and any addition fuel in a Flip Belt which fits close to the body. You will want to practice wearing your fuel carrier during training to make sure that it is comfortable and fits without riding up.
  5. GPS watch.ย I have come to love wearing a GPS watch during a marathon. You can use the watch to check your pacing, to check your mileage . . . essentially your watch will become a best friend during marathon training. I feel naked without mine when I run even if I don’t look at it at every mile.

Now that I have shared my top 5 essential items to bring in your marathon bag with you I’d love to hear your must-haves! Please share your ideas with a comment below!

Organic Runner Mom

Proud member of Team Stonyfield for the 2016 Boston Marathon

Proud member of Team Stonyfield for the 2016 Boston Marathon


23 responses

23 responses

  1. I definitely tried to get everything laid out that I’ll need days before hand, especially if it’s a traveling race. I’d say the 5 things I check 100000x that I have are: my bib (most important), extra socks/shoes for after the race, functional headphones, throw away clothes if it’s cold, and like 5 extra hair ties just in case.
    Colleen @ CSmith Run recently posted…STL Half โ€“ 4 Weeks To Go!My Profile

  2. Oh my gosh… it’s almost time to start packing! I can’t believe the next time we see 18 on the calendar, it will be Marathon Monday!!!
    These are all great essentials. I can’t believe how much sun I have gotten during this cycle! Sunscreen is so important for me. I would add your favorite chapstick or lip balm – I don’t like having chapped lips during the race. I never used to chafe at all, but I have been chafing near my armpit area this cycle, so Vaseline is KEY. Love this post!! Have a great weekend, friend!
    Natalie recently posted…Boston Marathon Training Recap: 5 Weeks Till Race Day!!My Profile

  3. I just did my first 5K on Saturday, and in dressing for it I suddenly realized, what do I do with my key? Fortunately it was a bit on the cool side and I found I had a jacket with a deep enough pocket to stash a couple of small things, but I was wondering, as a newbie — what do people do with their stuff, if you don’t have anyone there to hold it for you?
    Michelle Rogers recently posted…Week includes a parade and my first 5K!My Profile

    1. I would recommend getting running shorts/capris that have a built in pocket or you can wear a fuel belt where you can put your key, phone, and nutrition for the run.

  4. Though I have never brought body glide/vaseline to a marathon, nor sunscreen (though I should), one thing I always need is my extra warm clothes for afterward. I tend to get extremely cold very quickly when I finish a long run so love to have my warm clothes in my bag and on myself almost as soon as I’ve crossed the finish line.

  5. I almost always want/NEED to get my shoes & socks off within minutes of crossing the finish line…so I always bring a comfy change of shoes, usually my OOFO’s. Compression is also key….during and after. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Great packing list! I make sure I have a throwaway for the morning and something comfy for after. If I’m traveling to a race
    If it’s local I just get home as quickly as possible ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Butt paste o_0 Maybe I’m doing something wrong!

    In all seriousness, though, this is a great list! I’m always freaking out the morning of a race, and inevitably forget something. I won’t be able to get away with this for my first marathon. I need to be super prepared!

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