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#OrganicHolidayHappiness Challenge-Night Time Trail running in the snow

#OrganicHolidayHappiness Challenege

Happiness is . . .Night-time Trail running in the snow



Yesterday I ended up doubling up on my runs. I ran in the morning and then by nightfall the most beautiful blanket of sparkly snow was covering the ground, with the temperatures in the high 20’s. Perfect weather for a trail run, especially one at night. I met my friend Jenny at her house which is close to a beautiful trail system. We bundled up, put on our gaiters, headlamps, yaktraks and stabilicers and headed out into the first real snow of the winter.

We ran into the peaceful trail system and were giddy like two kids playing in the winter’s first snow. The trails were a magical wonderland, twisting and turning with trees iced with snow. We navigated the trails carefully hopping over hidden roots and rocks and crossing frozen running waters over small footbridges. The run was absolutely exhilirating and filled me with a sense of accomplishment and also new energy.

Post Run glow

Post Run glow

 “Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.


Have you ever been trail running in the snow?



2 responses

2 responses

    1. Hi Laury, Thanks for stopping by! So I wore Stabilicers which are similar to yak tracks except they have studs on the bottom. The only drawback is that they came off in the snow, thankfully my friend Jenny found them later. They need a velcro strap across the top. I also use Microspikes if needed but am looking into getting screw for my trail shoes. Do you have a brand that you like? How do you like your Innov-8’s? I would love to try their shoes. Happy running!

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