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Organic Runner Mom’s Stocking Stuffer Guide 2014

Stocking Stuffers for every adventure! 

Organic Runner Mom's Stocking Stuffer Guide

Organic Runner Mom’s Stocking Stuffer Guide

The holiday cheer is in full swing around here. Our house is decorated with our favorite holiday decorations and the stockings are hung with care. Our giant Christmas tree is covered with our eclectic ornaments lovingly hung by our kids. We are ready to celebrate and the countdown to Christmas is on.  This year I have picked some of my favorite gear and essentials that would make perfect stocking stuffers for any adventure.

1. Bani Bands

Retail Price: $9.99-$12.99

Bani Bands Headbands

Bani Bands Headbands

Bani Bands are the perfect hair accessory to keep those crazy fly aways at bay.  Bani Bands are a soft grip head band which means they don’t slip. The best feature is that they are adjustable which means no more head-aches or bands that are too big and slide of.  Also, this means that my daughter can wear them too. Bani Bands come in a variety of widths, textures and patterns.  You can get Bani Bands made to order for a team or for a fundraiser. Bani Bands is owned by a female veteran and supports cottage industry using only home-sewers to craft the Bani Bands.

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Retail Price: $30 for Over the Calf Compression and $25 for Calf Sleeves/Arm Warmers or Mid-Calf Compression
Crazy Compression

Crazy Compression

You’ve seen me wearing them in marathons and on the trails now it’s time for you to fill your loved ones stocking with Crazy Compression. Crazy Compression are the ultimate compression sock because not only do they offer true graduated compression but they come in amazing colors and cool patterns. When you pass other runners on they road or trails they will smile when they see the wild patterns on the back of your legs as you race away. You can either choose over the calf compression, mid-calf compression or go with a compression sleeve that doubles as an arm warmer.  Crazy Compression is a small company and everything is made in the USA.
3. Momentum Athletic Inspired Jewelry Wrap Bracelets and Foot Notes
Retail Price: $20 and $10
Momentum Jewelry Wrap Bracelets and Footnotes. Organic Runner Mom

Momentum Jewelry Wrap Bracelets and Footnotes

Everyone needs a little bling in their life.  And what could be better than bling that motivates.  Momentum Jewelry sent me their awesome Wrap Bracelet an Foot Notes to add a little inspiration into my workouts.  Momentum is a women on business and everything is made in the USA.  They also believe in promoting fitness from an early age so 5% of profits go to Action for Healthy Kids.  In addition to the colorful wrap bracelets and foot notes Momentum also has suede cuffs, headbands, earrings and necklaces.  The wrap bracelets come in a variety of colors and you can pick the motivational saying as well as the shape of the silver charm. The footnotes have one charm for each shoe and you can pick your saying.  Add these to any stocking for an inspirational surprise.
4. Portland Bee Balm
Retail Price: $2.99 per tube
Portland Bee Balm. Organic Runner Mom.

Portland Bee Balm

Portland Bee Balm is a company started in Portland Oregon by Brad and Annika, two people with a love for beekeeping and a desire to support the bees. Brad and Annika believe that the world needs more beekeepers.  They craft two bee balms using sustainable ingredients, ” Our four ingredients come from sustainable and/or local sources: Certified organic coconut and olive oil, Oregon beeswax, and Oregon organic peppermint oil. Their products come packaged with labels made out of non-pulped wood and soy based ink. Brad and Annika know the importance of bees in our food system with “one third of all our crops pollinated by bees” and through the work that they do with Portland Bee Balm  they encourage others to consider keeping bees. Portland Bee Balm comes in unscented and Oregon Mint and will keep your lips smooth all winter long.  Brad and Annika graciously sent me two tubes to try and they have become favorites as the dry winter weather brings on chapped lip season. My daughter says her favorite is the Oregon Mint.
5. Beauty Counter Lip Conditioner Set from Beautycounter by Caitlin
Price: $32
Beautycounter Lip Conditioner Set. Organic Runner Mom.

Beautycounter Lip Conditioner Set

Beautycounter is a cosmetic company that wants you to “know what’s inside” your cosmetics. Founder Gregg, a wife and mom, was concerned when she learned how many personal care products contain ingredients that are known toxins.  She wants to change that and to bring you products that are safe. Beautycounter hopes to establish a new standard in the personal care products industry and has banned the use of more than 1500 ingredients from their products. My friend Caitlin a fellow runner (who joined my one year for Reach the Beach) and mom is now a consultant for Beautycounter. Caitlin knew I would be excited to try Beautycounter and to share their products with you. She sent me Lip Conditioner in peppermint and calendula  to try.  The lip conditioners have the “scent of Calendula Officinalis Flower and Chamomile Oils, and the other with refreshing notes of Peppermint and Rosemary Leaf Oils.”  Containing regenerative and soothing properties I love to apply lip conditioner first thing before I head out the door.  Check out all that Beautycounter by Caitlin has to offer for stocking stuffer goodies for someone you love!
 6. Rad Dog Release N’ Run Leash
Retail Price: $39.95
Rad Dog Release N' Run Leash. Organic Runner Mom

Rad Dog Release N’ Run Leash

We all love our four-legged furry companions and if you are like me you love to bring them on a run.  My do Lucy (a crazy cairn terrier) likes to join me for short runs (she has an old knee injury  from squirrel chasing) but I hate bringing along a big bulky leash when I go out with her and sometimes she loves to run free in the woods as we go.  Rad Dog sent me the perfect solution, their Rad Dog Release N’ Run Leash.  This leash is perfect for running with your dog. As soon as you hit the trail and your dog can run free all you need to do is to release the leash and retracts into the collar.  If you need to grab hold of your dog quickly, the leash is already attached and ready to grab.  The collar size is determined by the neck size of your dog and their weight.  The Rad Dog Release N’ Run Leash comes in a variety of colors. We picked orange for Lucy so that she is easily visible in the woods. This stocking stuffer will make any runner and their dog happy as they head out for adventure!

Now don’t delay, Santa is on his way.  Stocking Stuffer Goodies for every runner should be in his sleigh!

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17 responses

17 responses

  1. My favorite runner happens to be my husband and I’m setting him up with some winter running gear, since he has been a fair weather runner til now! He is getting pants and some socks…maybe even some compression sleeves. 🙂

  2. There are two stockings that I’ll be filling this year – my husband’s and our 4 year old son’s! They are both getting new socks and my husband some GU!

  3. I love all of those stocking stuffer ideas! I’ll be getting my mother in law a new running light this year!

  4. Great giveaway! I’ll be putting some Schwings in a fellow runners stocking this year!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

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