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Organic Runner Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Organic Runner Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide–Part 1

Organic Runner Mom's Holiday Gift GuideIt’s that time of year again and time to spread the holiday joy and cheer! Organic Runner Mom’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide kicks off with some of my favorite running gear and running apparel picks to keep you toasty, active, and happy through the winter months as you log your miles training for your big goal races. This year I am excited to share some of my favorite brands with you along with some amazing giveaways too!

The Holiday Gift Guide Goodies!

Organic Runner Mom's Holiday Gift Guide Part 1

Organic Runner Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide Part 1

1.  HOKA One One Kailua Trail Shoe

Retail Price: $130.00

Earlier this fall I finally decided to try Hoka One One Running Shoes to see what the buzz was all about.  The endurance running community has embraced Hoka One One running shoes.  Hoka One One’s have “performance midsole geometries that feature higher volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than standard running shoes. (SOURCE).” I first spied Hoka One One shoes when I was pacing one of my best running friends to the finish of her first 100 miler and was curious about this new running shoe that was the talk of the ultrarunning race circuit.

I was generously sent a pair of Hoka One One Kailua Trail Shoes for review by the Backbone Media PR agency for my review.  I was sent a size eight in grey/light blue/white. I typically wear a size nine in running shoes but have found that a size smaller in Hokas is perfect and improves overall stability for me since I have a ridiculously narrow foot. Going a size smaller still allowed for plenty of room in the toe box.  The Kailua Trail Shoe is lightweight and provides a thicker midsole with more cushioning than your traditional trail shoe. All Hoka One Ones come with a fantastic Ortholite insole. The extra cushioning and support in the Kailua comes from the signature meta rocker which according to their website, “Supports a runners form, and encourages a continuous Positive Gait Speed roll from heel-strike to toe-off.”  Now that is definitely something I could use on the trails.

The feel of the Hoka One One Kailua Trail Shoe is definitely different at first as these shoes are on the opposite end of the spectrum from minimalist shoes.  However this is one of the more minimal shoes in the Hoka One One Line so it is a great shoe to start with if you are new to Hokas.  I have started running in the Kailuas on shorter trail runs to ease my way into the feeling of them. This shoe comes with speed laces and regular laces. So far I love the speed laces and they allow me to really crank the shoes tight on my narrow foot but it is nice to have other lace options.  These shoes also have great tread on the soles which offers substantial traction when running on wet slippery trails.

So far my experience with Hoka One Ones has been great! This would be a great gift for your favorite runner.  You can also enter to win your very own pair of Hoka One One Conquests (a road shoe) to see what the buzz is all about.  Please enter this cool holiday giveaway and share it with your best running friend!

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2.  Armpocket Xtreme i-30 and Armpocket Racer

Retail Prices: $39.95 and $24.95

Armpocket offers armbands for all of your adventuring needs so that you can easily bring along your phone and other important essential such as a key, credit cards, your ID, cash, or emergency energy gels.  The Armpocket has many features that make it a standout over other products.  Armpockets are:

  • water resistantsweat-proof
  • machine washable
  • Eco-friendly–Made from PET recycled fibers
  • have a touch control window to allow you to easily control your smartphone
  • have an adjustable strap and when you order yours you can choose what size strap
  • come in an array of fun colors
  • lightweight
  • made to fit a variety of phone styles and sizes

 I would highly recommend this product for it ease of use in carrying your phone for any number of crazy adventures; trail running, mountain biking, cross-country skiing . . . to name a few.  I love how easily adjustable the strap is. It fits my skinny arms and I love the comfort of the Armpocket. I also love the variety of styles that are available.  This is a great gift for the music loving athlete in your family. You can also enter to win an Armpocket Extreme i-30 by entering my giveaway.  Don’t forget to share the holiday cheer!

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3.  Ensō Muscle Roller from EvoFit

Retail Price: $69.00

This is absolutely one of my favorite active recovery tools that every athlete should have in their “toolkit.” I first learned about the  Ensō Muscle Roller last year and since then it is my go to roller for sore muscles after a long run or long training ride. I used my ensō roller regularly when I was training for the Boston Marathon last year. The ensō roller is like magic! According to the EvoFitForLife Website the, “ensō roller provides you with both deep-tissue and low-impact massage in order to meet your fitness needs. Unlike any other product, with ensō you can configure the disc layout to attack trigger points and to effectively engage in Self Myofacial Release (SMFR).”  YES! That is what I am talking about!  I love the ensō because:

  • it is easily customizable because you can move the signature discs to a configuration that suits your needs.
  • it can be purchased in a smaller travel size.
  • the ensō works into those harder to release areas.
  • this roller will make your foam rollers seem wimpy!

 This is a definite must have on any athletes holiday wishlist! You can also enter to win one here! Please share the holiday joy!

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4. Skirt Sports Charmer Long Sleeve

Retail Price: $68.00

It wouldn’t be an Organic Runner Mom holiday gift guide without one of my most loved Skirt Sports items (FYI I am now an Ambassador! Woohoo!). Skirt Sports has come out with some really awesome new products in their apparel line this year.  They have expanded their selection of tops and of course continue to carry their signature colorful prints which I absolutely adore. This includes the Charmer Long Sleeve which comes in either Shadow Heather or Fearless Purple/Snake Charmer Print.  I chose the Snake Charmer print to share because I love brightening up those long winter days with bright colorful patterns. This running shirt has a v-neck and the purple fabric is a mesh which helps with breathability. I love that this running top also includes thumbholes because you can still keep your hands cozy even if you need to ditch your mittens.  This shirt is bold, comfortable and warm and will be perfect as you train fearlessly for all of your big goals in the New Year! Please check out the Charmer Long Sleeve Skirt Sports Top and enter to win one too!

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Stayed tuned for PART 2 of Organic Runner Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide and more awesome holiday giveaways coming later this week!

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55 responses

55 responses

  1. I have never run in Hoka’s but would love to try them! My new favorite place to run has been in Bear Brook State Park, explored some trails there this weekend.

  2. I’ve never run in the Hoka One One but would love to try them out!

    My favorite place to run? Down main street in our small town–simple but beautiful!

  3. I use a foam roller after running or later in the day as part if I’m still feeling pain in any area. Mine is in need of replacement though! I bought a cheaper one and it’s starting to lose it’s shape.

  4. Loving that top – fearless purple all the way. Of course, the practical side says the gray that I might be more likely to wear out and about 😉

  5. Skirt Sports is my absolute favorite! Love their skirts! Haven’t tried their shirts, yet, and purple is my favorite color!

  6. I have never run in Hoka One One Running Shoes, but would love to try them. My favorite place to run is along the river near my house.

  7. My favorite place to run is an off-leash trail that winds through the woods near a creek. I always love to take my pup for a run where we can both enjoy ourselves, no tripping over leashes involved! 🙂

  8. I do love to run with music but only in areas with light traffic during the daytime–I’m always worried about getting run over! I typically reserve all my guilty pleasure pop music for those times. 🙂

    I’ve never used rollers after workouts, but I have used a very small one for foot/heel pain that has given me great relief (I have to wear dress shoes and be on my feet for work). I can only imagine they would work wonders for sore muscles!

  9. Would love to try the hokas. My friends rave about them. I love foam rolling between commercials on TV.

  10. I have never run in Hoka shoes but would LOVE to give them a try! My favorite place to run is the trail directly behind my house – in Saguaro National Forest 🙂 It is GORGEOUS and hilly and a good work out.

  11. I’d definitely choose fearless purple for the charmer long sleeve! Gotta have some color!

  12. i do try to foam roll after runs and/or at night if i don’t have time right after. this tool looks really cool though!!

  13. i’ve never run in hokas but have read such great things – would love to try them! i love to run along the charles river 🙂

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