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Organic Food Myth Busting Month!

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Organic Food Myth-Busting Month with the Organic Trade Association

Did you know that the Organic Trade Association will be hosting and online #OrgnicFestival during the month of September? September will be Organic Food Myth-Busting Month. Every day during September there will be an ongoing online discussion about Organic food to discuss key areas of misconception often spread about organic and organic food.

To follow along and join the discussion here are some places on social media that you can find The Organic Trade Association:

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Why we choose organic food

Organic Runner Girl loves our hens

Organic Runner Girl loves our hens

You have probably guessed from the title of my blog, Organic Runner Mom, that our family are huge proponents for choosing organic food. There are many reasons why our family eats organic food whenever possible.

  1. We own and operate an organic egg business. Our business became an organic egg farm back in 1996 when the Organic food trend was just hitting all of the mainstream supermarkets. I have learned so much about the process of producing organic food over the past 15 years so for our family it makes sense.
  2. Foods that are 100% Organic have been certified through a rigorous program from the USDA. All foods that are 100% Organic do not contain GMO’s, antibiotics or pesticides. I consider that a win for our family! We want to know what we are putting into our bodies when we eat as well as what we are feeding our kids. We do our best in our family to consume as much organic food as possible and also to know as much as we can about how the food is produced and about the farmers who are growing the food (Knowledge is power!)
  3. As an endurance sports athlete (triathlete and distance runner) I am very conscious about what I eat to “fuel my engine.” Eating foods that are “clean” and minimally processed will provide better nutrition for performance and recovery.

Do you choose organic food at the grocery store? What are the reasons that you choose organic?

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