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Only One Hill. 6,288 Feet. Mt. Washington Road Race Conquered.

The Mt. Washington Road Race

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The Mount Washington Road Race. Only One Hill.

The Mount Washington Road Race. Only One Hill.

I went into the Mount Washington Road Race this year with no expectations. I had never raced this event before and I had certainly never raced up a mountain road with 6,288 Feet of elevation gain.  My attitude was positive and I was ready for something that nutty runners like to call “fun.”  The gun went off and 1400 runners crossed under the starting archway on a crisp, sunny New Hampshire day.  There were smiles all around as we started and you could feel the energy as we wound our way up the incredibly steep mountain road.  The views as we climbed were absolutely breathtaking–mountain peaks, lush green valley below.  You could see for miles.  Unfortunately my health was not 100% on race day (Another upper respiratory infection. Ugh!) but I didn’t let that get in the way of my run.

I ran most of the way up, perhaps only walking/power hiking for a mile when my legs cried out for flats and downhills.  I know I could run it faster but I ran with my heart up that mountain.  I finished that race on Sunday in a time of 1:53 minutes and you can see from my smile how much I loved the amazing journey up Mt. Washington . . .  and you know what I would totally do it again!

Have you ever run up a mountain? What personal rewards did you find at the end?

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