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NUUN Hood to Coast Relay 2012

I have decided to go out on a limb and apply to be a part of one of the 3 NUUN all-female blogger teams at this years Hood to Coast Relay. The more I run and write about running the more addicted I become. I have been feeling amazing lately and have been ready to try the unknown. I have so many dreams that I want to accomplish and am working hard to get rid of the “me” who always holds myself back from trying the unknown. Change and new things have always been difficult for me so now I am trying to dive in headfirst . . .no regrets.

18 Miles and feeling amazing . . .thanks NUUN!

I hope you will check out my video application for the NUUN Hood to Coast Relay Team . . .it’s definitely very quirky but also totally me (although I do think I look a little silly in the video as I took the video of myself). But this all seemed fitting for today as it was a day full of a lot of laughs, sillies and Easter fun. Too bad no one was around to take a picture of me sneaking into the Winter Garden through the tiny door to see the hens when I found that the regular door was stuck. It was pretty hilarious!


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