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New Year Goals 2019

Welcoming 2019 with open arms! New Year Goals 2019

Running towards a brighter 2019

Running towards a brighter 2019

It’s time to set some New Year Goals!

The Winter Solstice has passed.

It is winter but thankfully from this point forward the days get longer. I need longer days and more daylight hours. I need to see the brightness in front of me and around me.

For me 2018 was not the best year of my life. I suffered major bouts of depression and got a divorce.

Life has been a balancing act. Trying to find my new normal and trying to settle into new routines all while trying to manage my depression and anxiety.

I am not going to lie. It has been hard.

But now on the cusp of 2019 I need to find ways to keep moving one foot in front of the other. I need to rediscover myself. I need to reawaken the positive person inside me, the one who is lighthearted and who laughs a lot. I need to try new things and get back to doing all of the things that I love with passion and enthusiasm.

So here are my goals for the beginning of 2019:

  1. More running! Somewhere along the way I lost my joy for running. Perhaps it was the lack of a big goal? Maybe it was too much time to think? But I am missing it and trying to find my way back. I have been trying to run with friends more because when I first started running I ran with a group of awesome trail runners. It was about the running but it was also about the community. There is a running club in my area. I have been only once and met a really nice friend. I need to make time to go and run with the club to meet more new like-minded people. I need to set up weekly running dates with my local running buddies and the ones who live farther away. I need to pick some races to do. They can be shorter ones, longer ones, mountain ones . . .  just some races.
  2. More swimming! I want to get back in the pool. Maybe another triathlon is in my future? I only got in the pool to swim once last fall. I miss it. Goal: To learn flip turns to make pool swimming more efficient. There is a really nice pool at my fitness center and I need to take advantage of it.
  3. More CrossFit. Last year I started CrossFit and I fell in love. It was so nice to be doing something different for a change and the changes in my body have been pretty cool to see. I actually have visible abdominal muscles. Yay! And I can do 5 real pull ups unassisted! There are more gains than just that and I want to continue to get stronger. I also want to get to know more people in the CrossFit community.
  4. More new recipes. I love to cook but somewhere along the way I fell into a cooking slump and I haven’t been making too many new things. I did recently try a new Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup recipe which was delicious. There are so many great things out there to cook. Maybe I’ll even take a cooking class!
  5. More art. I started taking a pottery class this fall. The focus of the class is throwing clay pots on the wheel. It is HARD! So far I have successfully made 4 cups and 2 small bowls. I am continuing the class this winter so we’ll see how I improve. This challenges every part of the perfectionist in me. I have to learn to let go a little bit. 
  6. More yoga. My flexibility stinks. Yoga can help. I need to make spaces for some yoga stretching even if it’s doing it from an app at home. It will help my running and also help to stretch out my tight CrossFit muscles.
  7. Surfing???? I am very fortunate to be heading back to Costa Rica this January like I did last year. I am so thrilled to be going on this adventure again. Last year I learned to surf, this year I will be re-learning and having so much fun in the ocean with old friends from the trip last year and new friends too. I love playing in the water and cannot wait for the warm ocean water in Costa Rica again.
  8. More reading. I need to make more time for books and to read more blogs too. Books are a great source of inspiration as well as a way to relax. I am currently reading Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. As a blogger reading other blogs is a great way to find new ideas and to support other bloggers with what they are doing.
  9. More Blogging. My blog has been on the back burner this past year. I want it to be something more for me and for you. Writing is cathartic but also taps into my creative gene. What do you want to see more of?
  10. More time outside with the kids. I am so excited to spend time outside with my kids this winter. Hopefully the snow will be good. We will be snowshoeing, skiing, cross-country skiing and taking Teddy Bear for walks. What could be better fresh air and great company.

This list could go on and on  . . . but for now these are some of the things that I am planning! What are some of your goals as 2019 begins?

Cheers to the new year! What are some of your goals for 2019?

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15 responses

15 responses

  1. Running is my therapy. I hope it works for you in 2019.

    When I got a divorce…it was tennis that saved me.

    I like that you’ve added a lot of different activities and not all fitness-related. That’s important.

    Good luck. Hope 2019 is a good one for you.

  2. I’m sorry it’s been such a rough year. Moving forward, I wish for nothing but good things ahead. I know it doesn’t always help, but I also know you do know everything happens for a reason. Here’s to a happier new you in the new year!

  3. Sometimes it is a relief to close the books on a challenging year. You have a lot of “mores” on your list, but they all sound good – I hope you manage to fit them it!

  4. Great goals! I like the art goal! My 2019 goals: Take 6-12 weeks to heal after I have this baby and figure out how to get back to a fitness routine while juggling a baby and toddler. Happy new year!

  5. You deserve a much better 2019 and I really hope that unfolds for you!! I have a few goals that I haven’t talked about yet plus a WORD of the year. I can tell you that I will making different choices this year!

  6. More, more, more and more! I think it’s awesome that you are throwing yourself into the new year with all your enthusiasm! I wish you the best of everything and can’t wait to see where the year takes you!

    I would also love more thoughts on surfing. It’s one thing I would love to try but that freaks me right out!

  7. I am so very sorry to hear how tough 2018 was for you my friend. I did not realize you were going through a divorce and can only imagine what this experience has been like. Please know you are in my thoughts. You are one of the strongest and most positive people I know. When the moments feel dark, remember you are such a ray of sunshine to so many of us. I think your word of 2019 is MORE … more time to do what you love and be who you are and find what makes you happy. Sending you a huge hug. xoxo

  8. I’m sorry you had such a tough year and hope that 2019 brings you good health and much happiness! Here’s to fitting in many of the activities on your list into your days ahead!

  9. Hello Sandra
    Im sorry to hear on your 2018. Sometimes unfortunate events lead to a better outcome. This a very helpful tips on how to make the new 2019 productive. I wish i also have more time to do more stuff.

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