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Never too young to start training

Inspire your kids to start training

Last night I was cleaning the coat closet. I threw my two fluorescent yellow running vests on the floor. The next thing I knew, Piper (3.5) was wearing one and Brock (16 months) was trying to put the other one one. What then ensued was a moment of pure kid joy, energy, and imagination. Piper began a “race” with Brock around our farmhouse. With a lot of laughter, cries of, “faster!” and “come on Brocky!” they completed six “laps” of the house. I could not stop laughing and loved seeing them have such a blast together. When the “race” was over Piper exclaimed, “that was a great race Mommy!” and carefully helped Brock out of his vest. This was an awesome mom moment!

Do you think they will be ready for the night leg at Reach the Beach? It’s never too early to start training, right?


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