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Natural Migraine Remedies and Prevention Strategies

Natural Migraine headache Remedies and Prevention Strategies
Natural Migraine Remedies and Prevention Strategies

I have been a migraine sufferer for as long as I can remember.

Mine always start over my left eye and then wrap over the top of my head. What starts as a dull pain turns into an intense throbbing. My stomach churns. Nausea sets in. The pressure over my eye becomes unbearable. All I want to do is go and lie in a quiet, dark room and put pressure on my forehead to alleviate the pain behind my eye.

I get hormone linked migraines around the time of my period as well as food triggered migraines. I have to be especially careful about eating soups when I go out as sometimes the broth that they are made with can contain MSG. Sometimes it’s salad dressing. I still haven’t totally discovered all of the triggers yet so sometimes a migraine sneaks up on me out of nowhere. I eat something and then within 20 minutes, like clockwork, BAM! I am down for the count with a raging migraine.

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Do you get them? Not all people are headache sufferers but if you do get them you definitely understand what I am talking about.

I am someone who does not like to take medicine unless absolutely necessary. I have put together a list of natural migraine remedies and prevention strategies that can help with migraines.

  • Acupressure-There are pressure points on the body where pressure can be applied to help alleviate headache pain. This can be doen during a massage.
  • Stress Prevention-Exercise, journaling, yoga and meditation can help you to alleviate stress which can be a cause of migraines.
  • Change your diet-This is a tricky one as it can be hard to identify specific migraine triggers but if you can avoid them you are winning!
  • Essential Oils-inhaling certain essential oils such as Lavender oil can help to reduce migraine pain.
  • Take your B Vitamins-B Vitamins may be useful in reduction of migraines.
  • Drink enough water-Dehydration can be a migraine cause
  • Magnesium-Magnesium supplements are thought to reduce migraines and you can also eat more magnesium rich foods.
  • Acupuncture-This alternative medicine can be used to help migraine sufferers.
  • Sleep-Lack of adequate sleep can affect whether or not you get a migraine so it is always important to take the time to get the rest that you need.

Do you have any other natural remedies that help you to combat your migraines?


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