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National Running Day is June 5th!

National Running Day is June 5th.

National Running Day is June 5th.

Celebrate National Running Day!

I find it ironic that National Running Day is being celebrated this year on the day that I will hopefully be able to get back into my running groove. JUNE 5th is National Running Day. I am officially out of my boot today and hopefully the rest and PT that I have been doing with the addition of some new kinds of cross-training will keep me injury free for the rest of the summer.

Inner-strength and determination!

Inner-strength and determination!

Hopefully I will celebrate National Running Day this year by going for a trail run with my friends. My fingers are crossed that my Doctor will give me the OK! I have been a good patient and have followed the Doctor’s orders but am now feeling the growing itch to throw on my running skirt and to head out the door.

Here are some ideas for ways to Celebrate National Running Day:

  1. Choose a new trail to run on.
  2. Find a group of friends and schedule a group run.
  3. Print out and wear this cool National Running Day Race Bib on your run.
  4. Challenge yourself with a time trial to see just how fast you can go.
  5. Run at a different time than usual to find beauty in the day.
  6. Run farther than you ever have.
  7. Pick a new race to sign up for to challenge yourself.
  8. Create a new running goal.
  9. Support someone who is new to running and ask them to join you for a run.
  10. Go for a run in your favorite place and have an amazing time!
If you want to declare your why you run you can grab this cool National Running Day Logo and tell the world why you love running.

After that all you have to do is get out there on National Running Day, June 5th and RUN!



3 responses

3 responses

  1. I”ll be running on June 5th and plan on doing a blog post (hopefully today) about it, to try to drum up interest as well!

  2. I’m thinking a cool, early morning run to celebrate National Running Day 🙂 Thanks for the logo, I’ll be posting it on my blog!

  3. Glad to hear that you are well on the mend and hoping that you do get out on June 5th for a run! Take care and best wishes!

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