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My Top Ten Takeaways from BlogFest

BLOGFEST with SWEATPINK 2015 Top Ten Takeaways

BlogFest with SweatPink

Last week I spent 4 days in L.A. at the second annual BlogFest with SweatPink at the IDEA World Health and Fitness Convention. I have been itching to go to another blogging conference since it has been two years since I attended my last one at FitSocial in Boulder, Colorado.  I am always eager to attend a conference as I find the energy of learning, new ideas, and new people to be contagious. My ESFJ (Myers-Briggs) extroverted personality craves networking and meeting new people. It is hard not to be inspired by others sharing so much passion in an area that I love too, blogging, health and fitness!

I was so excited to go to this conference as I had heard such great things about the previous year and know what an amazing job the creators of SweatPink, Jamie King and Alyse Brill do with everything that they are involved in.

Jamie and Alyse the brains and inspiration behind BlogFest with Sweatpink

Jamie and Alyse the brains and inspiration behind BlogFest with Sweatpink

This week I’m joining Tiffany, DebbieNatalie and Truitt Family Foods in sharing my Top 10 Takeaways from BlogFest 2015. Even though I’ve been blogging for awhile now I am a lifelong learner (former first grade teacher) and am always looking to glean new ideas to help me improve and expand on what I am currently doing.

1. Learn From Your Peers

Laura from Mommy Run Fast talks about  How to make a career out of your blog .

Laura from Mommy Run Fast talks about How to make a career out of your blog .

One of the best ways to learn is to learn from your peers. Some of my favorite running bloggers were in attendance at BlogFest this year including Laura from Mommy Run Fast and Katie from Mom’s Little Running Buddies  along with Katy Widrick from Healthy Living in a Hectic World with Katy Widrick, a group fitness instructor and social media maven gave inspiring talks about “How to Make a Career Out of Your Blog.” They each spoke about the different ways that you can monetize your blog and find success with your blog as a business through different modes: health coaching, working with brands, and as a group fitness instructor. I definitely gained a lot of new insights as to how each of these women have worked hard with their blogs to find success!

2. You will be inspired

At the opening ceremonies of IDEA World several awards were given out including an Inspiration Award given to Anthony Robles, a Mens’ NCAA Wrestling champion, inductee into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, and motivational speaker. Anthony pursued his dream to become a champion wrestler and did not let his disability stand in his way. His story brought the audience to its feet and tears to my eyes. To find out more about Anthony Robles and his story head on over here.

3. You should be “Training For Life”–Gabrielle Reece

Here we are learning about  the new Gabby Reece workout program and getting ready to "train for life"

Here we are learning about the new Gabby Reece workout program and getting ready to “train for life”

I am always inspired by professional athletes because to reach their level of success takes incredible, dedication, time, training, nutrition , and an attitude of success. In our culture we tend to hold these icons high, they seem almost super human. To listen to Gabrielle Reece, porfessional Volley Ball Player and Model speak at Blogfest with Sweat Pink makes me realize that she too is human and that it is possible to achieve your dreams no matter how big. She also places an extreme importance on how we should all be “training for life.” Every day we are faced by challenges and every day we should be seeking to play hard but to also find happiness with what is happening every day. Train and then live. Her words were so real and so true . . .

And then after that she kicked out butts with her new HIGHX,  high intensity explosive training and conditioning program!

4. Vision Boards are still important

Natalie Jill a Fitness Motivator spoke to us about building a following on Pinterest but she also  spoke to us about her own path to success which included a vision board. When I started my blog I didn’t necessarily have a clear path for what I would like my blog to become. As my blog has grown my vision is still cloudy. This is something that I want to work on and going back to the basics of creating a vision board and a

5. What’s your persona?

One of my blogging personas . . . SUP Mom Sandy!

One of my blogging personas . . . SUP Mom Sandy!

When learning about SEO at BlogFest one of the key points that stuck out is that as the writer of a blog you need to define your persona. Think of specific personas that define you such as “SUP Mom Sandy” or ” Mom who runs” or “Mom who is dreaming of becoming a triathlete.” It is these personas that will define how you write and who you are writing to. writing with a persona will help you to better target your audience. Having a defined persona can also help you to define your keywords for better Search Engine Optimization. Defining your persona can also help you in marketing yourself.

6. Instagram: It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.

Kasey Arena who blogs at Powercakes spoke to us at BlogFest about growing your following on Instagram. My big takeaway here was that it is important to focus on quality on Instagram rather than on quantity. I sometimes become so excited about my photos that I load several up in rapid fire. Now my focus will be on being more selective and to, “filter, filter, filter! as Jamie King of Sweat Pink, Fit Approach and Sweat Guru said. I want to make sure that I put my top quality pictures in my feed and also to make sure that they follow my message and fit my blog “persona.”

7. If you are a Runner then the Runner’s Clinic with Dr. Jason Karp is for you.

Fellow Mother Runners Natalie , Laura and I with Dr. Jason Karp creator of Run-Fit

Fellow Mother Runners Natalie , Laura and I with Dr. Jason Karp creator of Run-Fit

With running being one of my first true loves in sport the Runner’s Clinic was one of my favorite sessions at the larger IDEA World convention which BlogFest is a part of. Dr. Jason Karp who is also the creator of Run-Fit Coaching Certification tapped into the geeky science part of me when he discussed the science of running (I should have been a scientist of some kind–physical therapist, sports nutritionist etc.). He talked about the why’s behind strong running performance and then also gave specific examples of training plans that you might use. His talk made me miss my days as a coach and has me considering being Run-Fit Certified.

8. You will make new “Blends”– Blogger Friends

BLENDS at BlogFest

BLENDS at BlogFest

Going to a blogging conference gives you the opportunity to meet the bloggers who inspire you with their words and their personal health and fitness journeys. There are so many bloggers who I have been hoping to meet for a long time who were in attendance at BlogFest this year. The collective knowledge about blogging and also about health and fitness, nutrition and sports such as yoga, triathlon and running  is great.  One of the best ways to learn about blogging is to brainstorm ideas and share tips about better tools for blogging and what has brought each person success are shared in hotel rooms and at dinner tables, while wandering around the giant expo hall and at the networking party. This alone makes BlogFest or any blogging conference worthwhile for that matter because we all have something to teach and something to learn. I hope next year that we can take advantage of this opportunity more perhaps by doing peer blog reviews or within small discussion groups with other bloggers. Social Media and blogging is constantly morphing and so in order to be on the cutting edge of learning we must share our knowledge with each other. The other obvious reason meeting other bloggers is awesome is that know we have created stronger relationships to help each other to build and grow. And who doesn’t like having new friends anyways!

Blogging Friends and Roomies!

Blogging Friends and Roomies! Giselle, Jenn and, Hollie

9. You do not need a detox!

Melissa Burton who blogs at The Valentine RD, is  a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. She gave a talk called “Busting the Top 5 Nutrition Myths.” I first met Melissa at FitSocial in 2013 and so was very eager to hear her talk as her knowledge about nutrition is endless, up front, informed and straight forward. Melissa covered tops including a discussion about sugar, dietary supplements and detoxes.  She underscored the importance of the fact that your body does not need a “detox” or a cleanse and also that there is no single perfect diet that will work for everyone. I loved what Melissa had to say and am hoping that I can pick her brain some more for some great nutrition tips.

10. You will have the opportunity to try out some of the latest fitness trends including foods and workouts.

Food, Fitness, and Gear at the IDEA World Expo

Food, Fitness, and Gear at the IDEA World Expo

On day three of the conference we switched gears from a focus on blogging to more time at the expo where you could visit and network with vendors of some of the leading fitness apparel brands such as LOLË, Fabletics, Climawear, Ahnu Footwear, and Lorna Jane Active, healthy food companies (my favorite being the Organic Beef Jerky from Laura’s Lean Beef, Two Moms in the Raw Organics, The Hummus from Truitt Family Foods and the Late July Organic Chips they provided for a tweet break). There were vendors of different types of fitness equipment (I of course loved the Water Rower!) including Flexline, fitness trampolines, Slackline equipment as well as the latest workout programs and much more. In addition to what was in the Expo we also had access to all of the classes at the IDEA World convention which ranged from workouts with Gillian Michaels (You know, from Biggest Loser!), to Nutrition talks, spinning classes, HIIT classes, core workout classes, and more all with a focus on education for health and fitness professionals allowing from continuing education credits to be earned.

In a nutshell I’d say that for me BlogFest with SweatPink at IDEA World Health and Fitness convention was . . .

BlogFest with SweatPink blogging conference

BlogFest with SweatPink blogging conference

Have you ever attended a blogging conference or a fitness and health conference? What did you learn? What are some of your best blogging tips and tricks? What is the current fitness trend that has you curious right now?

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12 responses

12 responses

  1. I love your takeaways! I love the idea of breaking out into small groups (next year!) and discussing in detail our blogs and how to improve. Constructive criticism is a good thing.
    I learned a lot from the SEO talk and definitely have to digest it all and implement the tips onto the blog (crawl budget!). The Runner’s clinic was so informative and I want to look into the Run Fit certification for sure. One of the absolute highlights of the weekend was meeting all of the amazing people. I am so happy we met and hung out my sweet friend. Very awesome indeed. xo
    Natalie recently posted…My Kids’ Thoughts On Why Mom RunsMy Profile

  2. I loved all your takeaways and I remember them well! I didn’t do Jason Karp’s clinic this year but I did enjoy it last year. I did love that ”Training for Life” I forgot to put that on my recap! haha I keep reading things that I forgot to add to mine – there was just so much!! Next year, I hope to meet you!

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