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My strength

Lately I have been feeling quite cheerful. I am sure I have mentioned it before but I suffered from severe Post Partum Depression after both of my sweet babies were born. Suffering from PPD during a time that was supposed to be so joyful was tremendous struggle. Everything seemed more frustrating, more stressful, and sometimes even anger provoking. This was not the me that I knew and all of the things that I loved to do were exhausting and sometimes induced stress rather than calm and peace even going for a run. I feel lucky to have such an amazing husband who helped me to overcome this and who continues to support the need to achieve “balance” on a daily basis. Even though on the exterior he is intense and serious (which drives his success), he is also nurturing of my needs and his love for our kids is endless. I love seeing his face light up when the kids do something hilarious or run over to him asking to be tickled.

He is my strength and my inspiration because of his drive to be successful. He is my comfort and my encouragement and a huge reason for why I feel as though I have regained myself. Perhaps a new stronger more confident self and a happier me. I am lucky to have found him almost 13 years ago on a lonely river in Greene Maine, at the boathouse.



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