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Motivation Monday: Have you ever tried trail running? Try something new!


Trail running heaven on The Kingdom Trails.

Trail Running–An adventure every running enthusiast should try!

Have you ever gone trail running? I first discovered my true love for running on trails when I first moved to this area in 2000. I was a teacher and was stressed out. Two teachers that I met who are now my best friends and training partners convinced me to try running the trails with them on The Kingdom Trails in Burke VT.

I did. I fell in love. Trail running is heaven. Trail running is peaceful. Trail running is challenging. Running on the trails as nature bursts into spring all around you is medicine for the soul.

Thank you Joanna and Bridget for showing me my heaven.

If you haven’t tried running on the trails before you should. Your body and soul will thank you. You may even become hooked like me!

Happy trail running!

Single Track Trail Running

Single Track Trail Running


Trail Running bliss on the Kingdom trails in Burke VT.



3 responses

3 responses

  1. i LOVE trail running. growing up in the back woods of VT, it was how I got home for lunch and dinner in the summer time! i’d get to play out in the woods, as long as I could still hear the dinner bell. YES! we had one of those triangles that Mom would clang. anyway…
    as long as i was within earshot, i could stay out. when the bell rang…ZOOM! back to the house for chow. the last 1/4 mile was uphill.
    still do. though i am not as speedy as i used to be, i prefer to be on the trails. i am glad you are hooked!!! see you on Sunday?

  2. I love this time of year where I live (Toronto, Canada) because we can get back into the trails! Running at night in the trails in the winter just doesn’t work – too dark, too early because of our short winter days. I’ve never done a trail race, but there is one in this area that some of my running group buddies do. Sulphur Springs Trail Run in Ancaster, Ontario. It has a variety of distances 10k, 25k, 50k, 50 mile & 100 mile . Maybe I should give it a try?!?!

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