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Motivation Monday-Top Five ways to stay motivated to run during “Stick Season”

What is “Stick Season” you might ask? Well in New England “Stick Season” is the time before real winter when most of the beautiful fall foliage has disappeared and so has the sun. The temperatures also begin to dip into the 30’s requiring you to dig out your long spandex and cold weather gear.

Stick season is here-Leaf Peepers Beware!

Stick season is here-Leaf Peepers Beware!

This year “Stick Season” came on way to quickly. The summer and fall in NH were glorious and then the fall foliage and came like a fiery rainbow with leaf peepers driving at a snail’s pace around every corner. Sadly the rains came too and washed away the painted landscape leaving only cold gray tones and muted colors. We have even been having snow squalls! Blah!

I am wondering how you get motivated to get out and run in the middle of stick season when all I ever want to do is cozy up with a book, drink hot cocoa or snuggle with my kids and watch a movie. Sometimes the last place I want to be is out on a training run in the cold gray rain.

Top 5 ways to stay motivated to run during “Stick Season”

  1. Pick a new running goal and create a plan!-When I have a plan it makes me accountable.
  2. Run with a group of friends-this always adds fun to a run even when the rain is falling and the temperature is falling too. There is nothing better than talking with your friends on a long run to keep you going. My friends and I always enjoy sharing stories and some laughs along the run too!
  3. Layer like an “onion” in your favorite cold weather gear-For me the more colorful the better. The cheerful colors help me to stay energized
My new favorite "Extra Blue" Skida Hat-#fitgear

My new favorite “Extra Blue” Skida Hat-#fitgear

 4. Eat a pre-run meal that makes you feel warm and cozy-I love a giant bowl of oatmeal loaded with dates, a little maple syrup, some fresh fruit and some chia. 

5. Reward yourself at the end of the run with some hot chocolate or some delicious homemade beef stew or warm bread fresh from the oven. Comfort Food to warm the soul is always the perfect end to a great “stick season run”

Trail Running with Friends at Bridal Veil Falls

Trail Running with Friends at Bridal Veil Falls

How do you stay motivated when “stick season” arrives? I can’t wait to hear what keeps you moving!



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One response

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