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Motivation Monday: Patience is key. Running after injury.

Endurance is patience concentrated–Thomas Carlyle

I am starting to run after my injury. It has been a little more than six weeks since the Doctor sidelined me from running. I am determined to get back out onto the trails soon. In order to get back to doing what I love (Trail running) I need to take several steps to not land myself back into the gigantic walking boot. I am motivated to make my return to racing stronger than I was before and to train smarter to avoid a recurrence of this injury.

Running at sunset is one of my favorite times of day to run.

Running at sunset is one of my favorite times of day to run.

Here is my plan for recovery from my injury:

  1. Be PATIENT. The key is not to rush back even though it is tempting to quickly add in the miles.
  2. LISTEN to my body.  I am running with caution at the moment and listening to my body. If any pain occurs in the area of my peroneal tendonitis I either slow my pace or stop and walk and stretch.
  3. TAPING! KT Tape is my new best friend on my runs. I need to faithfully tape my ankle with Kinesio Tape or KT Tape. My PT generously gave me hot pink since none of her athletes (US Ski Team Ski Jumpers) want pink. I think it looks quite smashing with my Skirt Sports!

    Peroneal Tendon Taping with KT Tape

    Peroneal Tendon Taping with KT Tape

  4. GRADUAL Mileage Build Up.  My Doctor instructed me to start with one mile and if it feels good to repeat. After that mileage can be increased by 50% after every two runs at the same distance as long as everything is feeling good.  Thankfully he is a runner too so he understands how terribly I want to be running on the trails again but he wants me to train smart so that I don’t have to deal with this injury again
  5. PHYSICAL THERAPY once a week at the Alpine Clinic.
  6. STRENGTHENING exercises with my therapy band. The exercises given to me by my PT will help to build any ankle and foot strength that was lost when I was not running.  As things progress they will give me bands with more resistance to help increase my ankle strength.
  7. CONTINUE to wear my ankle brace during the day for added ankle support as well as ice and ibuprofen as needed.
    Who could say no to icing in a cold mountain river?

    Who could say no to icing in a cold mountain river?

    What plan have you followed to get back to running after an injury?



6 responses

6 responses

  1. I am currently on a similar plan. I am not always very patient but trying to rush back into training too soon sidelined me even longer so I am learning easing into it slowly is so much better in the long run! Hope your return to running goes smoothly!

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