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Motivation Monday: It was a #runcelebration and a sun celebration this weekend!

Woohoo! Half Marathon Skirt Sports #runcelebration is complete!

Skirt Sports #runcelebration Half Marathon

Skirt Sports #runcelebration Half Marathon

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It was an epic weekend. The weather was amazing. Endless sunshine meant endless hours of “playtime” outside. The warm sun kept smiles plastered on our faces for most of the weekend. And at the end of the day you knew it had been great when the bath water turned brown from hours of making mud pies, working in the garden, playing on bikes and on the trails. Little eyes closed and slumber hit as soon as heads hit the pillow at night (and the same was true of the grown-ups too!).

The weekend was jampacked and included the Skirt Sports Virtual Half Marathon #runcelebration.  I would have loved to have traveled to Lousiville, Colorado to join the celebration but since I could not I decided to join the fun in my own way.  It’s been awhile since I have completed a solo long run. During marathon training I had my amazing running friends by my side as we slogged through the miles during the arctic freeze.  Today I decided to run 13.1 miles on my own and to just enjoy the miles.

I completed a triathlon “brick” workout (bike 29.5 miles, run 3.0 miles) the day before my half marathon so I knew that my time would not be very fast.  I ran from my house and did an out and back run which was perfect because in my head I divided the run into two different 6.55 mil stretches.  The run I chose has a killer hill which feels great on the way down but is definitely a long, slow trudge with two miles to go on the way back to my house.  The “course” I picked is actually a favorite run because it is so familiar–it runs along the Connecticut River, past an organic dairy farm, past our organic egg farm and down into the picturesque little village of my hometown.

I should have started the run earlier because the day heated up to around 75 (but that’s ok! I am loving the warm weather!). I started the run and my legs (not surprisingly) felt heavy (like bricks!).  It didn’t matter. Today was a day to run for me and to just run! I found a nice even pace and barely looked at my watch. I ran and enjoyed the small breezes, the sounds of the birds and the vibrant green around me.  It was hot. I was sweaty and happy. I love running the half marathon distance because once you get to the halfway point you essentially have about a 10K to run which is my best distance.  Once I reach the halfway point the run becomes easier mentally and I feel good about picking up the pace a little. During my half marathon I reminded myself to stay relaxed and focused on my form and stride length.

As I returned back toward home I was faced with ever increasingly large hills. My goal was to keep my pace even and to attack the biggest longest hill with a steady stride and pace.  Finally I reached one my to go and even though my body was fatigued I picked up the pace.  I always aim to finish with negative splits and today would be no different.  There is nothing more rewarding than giving your run one last big kick at the end to finish strong.  As I ran towards the finish line (my house), my daughter ran down the hill and greeted my with a giant cheer of , “Mommmmmmy!”What could be better than the. I was exhuasted, sweaty and happy.

This was not my fastest half marathon by far but I was so pleased to finish in a time of 1:59.04.  It was the perfect #runcelebration and another great 13.1 miles in the bag!


What was your #runcelebration this weekend?  

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