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Motivation Monday: Run for the love of the run.

Run for the love of the run.

Run for the love of the run.

Run for the love of the run.

Over the weekend I raced the Umbrella Mother’s Day 10K at Burke Mountain in Burke, VT.  This was my first race post Boston Marathon.  I have been much smarter about recovery from the Boston Marathon than I was last year where I nicely landed myself in a walking boot for six weeks. Ugh! I learned my lesson. Taking the time to recover from a marathon is essential in order to help prevent injury.  I am not sure how people are able to manage back to back marathon or ultra distance races.  My body feels like it has been beaten up at the end of a marathon.  In the three weeks since Boston I have refocused my training goals and have taken the time to allow my body to heal from the strain of 26.2 miles–I have been swimming, biking, doing yoga, doing core exercises and strength training but only a small bit of running.  It definitely feels somewhat strange to go from running crazy high mileage to almost nothing but my body is thanking me with renewed energy and a continued positive attitude.

Today when I got to the 10K, I ditched my watch and decided to run just for the love of the run.  I’ve been so focused on splits, miles, and time on my feet during my marathon training that its time to get back to the basics of running for a bit.  At the Boston Marathon I was able to take away an amazing positive spirit from my experience, a renewed feeling of love, and support that surrounds all of us.  My race at Boston did not provide me with the PR that I dreamed of or a new Boston qualifying time but it gave me back my love of the run.  It was the hardest race that I have ever run but it gave me a new lightness in my spirit.

Today was not my fastest 10K (although I was first in my age group! Time 53:37). My legs still feel heavy from all of the marathon miles but I felt joy on my run.  I loved my feet hitting the pavement. I loved the energy of the runners young and old.  I loved the mountains, and trees and nature all around me.  And most of all today (on Mother’s Day) I loved the happiness and excitement of seeing my kids and my husband at the finish line with huge grins, “Mommy, did you win?”

Yes, I have won. Where I am today looks a whole lot brighter than it did last year.

Run for the love of the run.

What did you love on your run this weekend?

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4 responses

4 responses

    1. It looks like the relay was a blast and you definitely get some great stories and friends to keep from the adventure. I am happy to hear how much fun you had!

  1. No run for me this weekend. But I’m right with you – run because I love it! In fact I just decided to ditch a 10k race I had planned because I’m just not motivated to run enough this spring. I’m forcing it too much. I’m really enjoying an increased yoga practice and some weight lifting right now. Why force a race and risk not wanting to run at ALL and skip the workouts I’m really motivated to do? So maybe for me I’m at a point of “workout for the love of the workout.”
    Larissa recently posted…No race for meMy Profile

    1. Hi Larissa! Thanks for stopping by! It definitely sounds like a good idea to forgo the 10K. Sometimes you just have to change things around to keep from getting burned out. It sounds like you have some other awesome workouts going on too!

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