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Motivation Monday-Little runner

"Let's have a running race Mommy!"

“Let’s have a running race Mommy!”

Seeing this picture of my daughter makes me smile and makes me want to get out and run. Piper loves to challenge us to have a race with her. Watching her run you can see the free-spirit of childhood released. She is relaxed in her strides and she radiates positive energy.

This is what we all need to remember on our runs even when shooting for a new PR or trying to reach a goal. Get out there and let yourself FLY!

Racing cousin Alexander

Racing cousin Alexander

"Look at me Mommeeeeeeeee!"

“Look at me Mommeeeeeeeee!”


5 responses

5 responses

  1. There is so much to learn from kids. She reminds me of my niece who always says “You can at least try” even if she is asking you to do something completely impossible like trying on her shoes. 🙂

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