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Motivation Monday. Build a Door!

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. –Milton Berle

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. –Milton Berle

Motivation Monday

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Life is too short to sit around waiting for things to just magically happen.  I love this Milton Berle quote as it perfectly sums up what is need to go out there to make your dreams a reality.  One of the greatest lessons that I learned in my journey to becoming a qualified Boston Marathon runner is that in order to reach my goal I was going to have to work my tail off.  In order to become fast enough to reach my qualifying time in 2012I had to have a don’t give up attitude and I had to stay focused, stick to my training plans and I had to work (and it was hard work!).

Right now I have several big goals in front of me (here is a sample of a few things that I have going on):

  • Finish the Mount Washington Road Race (7.6 Miles uphill) #onlyonehill
  • Complete my first Olympic distance Triathlon
  • Develop my blog into a business

Some of my goals seem within reach but at this moment others feel intangible. I am at the point where I have some self-doubt, frustration, and maybe a little bit of fear.  Do you ever run into these kinds of roadblocks?  Rather than becoming discouraged, it is time to set my fears and doubts aside and to make things happen. None of my goals and dreams will happen unless I am ready to do the work! I need to “build a door,” and this will come through a lot of dedication, determination, motivation, inspiration and hard work!

Do you have a big goal that you are working towards right now?  How are you going to “build a door” and achieve your dream?

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8 responses

8 responses

  1. Big goal – give myself Saturdays off. No more standing personal training clients. I’m paving the way by talking to clients ahead of time, making a plan so that it happens by the end of summer.

  2. I love your goals and how you’ve built up the right attitude over time. Don’t let little doubts sabotage your goals. You can do it!

    There are too many “naysayers” in life and I see it as my job to proof them wrong. You might lose some so-called friends along the way, but you will build new relationships that are stronger and better. Don’t surround yourself with yourself, seek connections and build relationship with successful people – there is so much learning, encouragement, and understanding – it is extremely powerful. But as you said it already – it requires hard work and dedication. Success will follow.
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